It's All Academic: Are Human Brains Quantum Computers?

Writing survey questions for research studies is a very tricky task that must be done carefully in order to not bias the results. Not only must one be careful in the wording of the questions in order to not bias the survey taker or lead them toward a certain response, even the order of the […]

It's All Academic: How Would You Pay It Forward?

The concept of ‘pay it forward’ is something that is very familiar to Ohio State fans thanks to people like Woody Hayes. For most of us, paying it forward takes the form of donations, in the form of time, money, goods, or a combination of these, to various causes and groups that are important to […]

It's All Academic: Ohio State Named Most Unequal Public University

Buckeye fans enjoy seeing Ohio State at or near the top of rankings for a variety of things including numerous sports, academics, and research spending. Thanks to the all-around strength of OSU, we’ve gotten rather used to seeing the university we love at the top of those lists. However, not every list is one that […]

It's All Academic: OSU Researchers Look at Concussion Rates Among Athletes

Football has always been a dangerous game and while most people have always recognized that there was a chance that players can be injured at any time, that risk has generally been accepted as a cost of doing business. However, in recent years research into the long term effects of concussions and other repeated head […]

It's All Academic: tBBC Congratulates OSU's Faculty Award Winners

It is May and now that Ohio State has switched to semester, that means the school year is winding down; of course back in the day of trimesters we’d still be in school for another month. That means that students are studying for finals, seniors are hunting for jobs and preparing to graduate, coaches are […]

It's All Academic: Ohio State Research's Greatest Hits

In this weekly feature at some of the exciting research being done at Ohio State that has the potential to have a major impact on our world.  Of course cutting edge research that makes a big impact is nothing new for Ohio State; Buckeyes have been making world changing discoveries pretty much ever since the […]

It's All Academic: OSU Researchers Shed Light on PTSD

Whether it be from movies such as The Best Years of Our Lives, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, or others, or from personally knowing someone or even just watching the news, most Americans are at least somewhat familiar with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  While PTSD was first brought to the public’s attention by war […]

It's All Academic: Improving Credit Card Security

Most everyone probably remembers the news that came out during the Christmas shopping season about the massive data breach at Target that resulted in the theft of credit card data of hundreds of thousands of people.  This data breach resulted in renewed calls to do something to make credit cards and the information they contain […]