Silver Bullet Points Gets Pyrotechnic

Written July 4th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

What's more American than blowing stuff up?

Happy Independence Day, Buck-aroos! As you’re enjoying the cold beverage and grilled meat product that the founded fathers gave their lives to provide, we thought we’d give you a quick update on the news you may have missed when you were stuck in traffic this holiday weekend.


  • Not Done Yet- The NCAA was back in town last week to check into the “golf gate” allegations that Eric covered last Wednesday. Again, it’ll be difficult to prove the students in question didn’t just pay for the rounds themselves, but that still leaves “access to an exclusive course” as a perk that may have been illegal.
  • Shifting Time-line- Ohio State had until Friday to submit their response to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations, but have been given an extension until the 12th due to this festive holiday weekend (When Gene Smith starts smoking the ribs, there’s no bothering him…). However, given the re-visit from Indy’s Finest, it’s possible that the NCAA will ask to see some reflections on golf-gate as well, which could push this back even further. That may not be a bad thing for this year’s class of seniors- since it might mean that any possible post-season ban wouldn’t kick in until next year.  Although, that would certainly hose recruiting and any long term coaching decisions.
  • Speaking of Coaching- We hinted at this last week, but we’re hearing that a decision regarding the open linebacker’s coaching position has been made and will be announced following Coach Fickell’s return from wherever he gets his  shirts vacation.
  • In England, They Call It “Rugby”- And Ohio State is still awesome at it… but you can help by going here and voting for them against (savor the irony) Army.  It won’t mean you love America… just that your “Red White And Blue” is more “Scarlet Gray and… well, this runs out of steam, since we don’t want anything to do with blue”.

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Way Too Early Look: 2011 Receivers

Written January 25th, 2011 by Jim

Thankfully, Posey will be back in time to do this again.

Let’s cut right to the chase, Ohio State’s receiving corps will be extremely raw and inexperienced in 2011.

If losing Dane Sanzenbacher (55 receptions, 948 yards, 11 TDs) to graduation weren’t enough, the loss of Devier Posey (53 receptions, 848 yards, 7 TDs) to suspension leaves exactly two scholarship players with even the slightest amount of game day experience at the start of the season.

Losing Sanzenbacher’s production and consistent presence in the lineup will be particularly difficult to duplicate. Not only was he good enough to earn team MVP honors in 2010, he put together arguably one of the ten best seasons for a receiver ever at Ohio State.

Beyond his production, the intangibles Sanzenbacher brought to the field will be what the offense misses most. He was always in the right place at the right time and was the perfect security blanket for a quarterback in need of a consistent target.

His performance in the Sugar Bowl was the culminating illustration of his knack for the clutch play. Buckeye fans may look back on that performance fondly during a potentially rough start throwing the ball in 2011. Read More

Jackson one Five

Written August 18th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

We continue the countdown with one of the young speedsters, sophomore James Jackson.

image via Bucknuts

Another great athlete that got away from Michigan and Michigan State, our friend Vico has the lowdown on his recruitment and high school career. The receiver also ran track for the Buckeyes this past spring.

Ready for his shot

James has been working with the punt returners as well as the receivers; in fifteen days he gets a chance to add his name to the long list of great returners in Scarlet and Gray!