Jimmer Fredette not allowed to attend classes at BYU

This isn’t the NCAA violation that the headline makes it sound, however, its very much worth mentioning. Wooden and Naismith award winner Jimmer Fredette, of BYU fame, has become such a celebrity at the school that his presence is a distraction in class. To that end, the University has requested that he no longer attend […]

Notes from the 2010-11 basketball season

Now that the proverbial dust has settled from the 2010-2011 men’s college basketball season, it’s time to reflect a bit on the season past and pick out of a few of the headlines, highlights, or otherwise newsworthy items that seemed to define this season.  Obviously it was a great season for Buckeye fans, and one […]

Impressions: BYU and San Diego State

Among the flurry of rivalry games and games that saw lower ranked teams overcoming higher ranked teams this past weekend, one matchup pitted two top-10 schools against each other in a contest that featured some “non-traditional” powers that have risen to the upper echelons of college basketball this season.  The BYU Cougars, led by player […]