BG Falcons Fly Back To Ohio Stadium For First Time Since 2006 The 2016 season is finally here.  All of the prognostication within the various football preview magazines will be laid to the side.  College football returns in all its glory and splendor in Ohio Stadium at 12pm EST, televised by The Big Ten Network, with Bowling Green taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes. September 3rd […]

Shots from the Shoe: Wisconsin

As we arrived in Columbus, the anticipation for kickoff was almost unbearable and we were a mere five hours away. It’s become a yearly ritual that a group of us attend the Ohio State/Wisconsin game every year and we were all giddy with excitement to reunite once again for this rivalry. After a little tailgating […]

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 1

One. One more day. Tomorrow is the 2013 kickoff. As we get ready for an amazing season, let’s also celebrate number 1 via an epic come from behind victory over Iowa at Kinnick Stadium on November 10th, 1990, 27-26. Game narrative from Joe-S-U at The Buckeye 50-Yard Line. Ohio State QB Greg Frey entered the […]

tBBC OSU HOF: John Cooper

For this HOF Article, we revisit one I did in May of last year. One thing is for sure when you take over as the head coach at THE Ohio State University, you better know what it means to be an Ohio person. A lot of people believe Coach John Cooper got the top post at Ohio […]

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 28

In today’s edition of Kickoff Countdown we celebrate the number 28, the combined score of Ohio State’s win over TTUN on November 19th, 1994, 22-6.  A pretty typical beat-down by The Good Guys, but this was notable on two accounts. The game sealing touchdown drive was set up by a nice interception by one time […]

Silver Bullet Points Has Been To The Mountain Top

If you’re following us on the book of face, you know that I made it back from my trip to Mt. Whitney last week- when you’d usually be reading SBP, I was at 14,508 ft, as the picture to the right can attest. It’s Buckeye Nation everywhere, people.  To celebrate, today’s soundtrack is a personal […]

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 78

In today’s episode of the tBBC’s Countdown to Kickoff series, we are at #78, which features the Buckeyes in their never-say-die comeback win over Minnesota on October 28, 1989, 41-37. Coach Cooper’s Buckeyes were down 31-0 with 4:29 remaining in 1st half before getting on the board to trail 31-8 at the half. OSU rode […]

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 79

In today’s episode of the tBBC’s Countdown to Kickoff series, we are at #79, which can only mean the point total of the November 4th, 1989 beat-down that Ohio State put on Northwestern, 52-27. Coach Cooper had the running game going in Evanston, with three Buckeyes hitting 100 yards. They were Dante Lee (157 yds, 3 TD’s), […]

The Best and Worst of Coaches Bruce, Cooper and Tressel: tBBC Roundtable

Over the past month or so I have written articles about all three of the legendary former coaches to lead the Scarlet and Gray on the gridiron. I touched on a great many things from Earle Bruce’s rise from high school to college; to coach Cooper finally understanding what it means to be a Buckeye; […]

John Cooper: A Buckeye Legacy

One thing is for sure when you take over as the head coach at THE Ohio State University, you better know what it means to be an Ohio person. A lot of people believe Coach John Cooper got the top post at Ohio State back in 1988 simply because he beat TTUN in the Rose Bowl the year […]

The Coaching Search: Lovie Smith

In our continuing look at the Ohio State coaching search, we go far afield and look at a guy who isn’t getting a lot of love for the spot. Many, many names have been mentioned in the context of the Ohio State head coaching search.  Some have made some sense (Fickell, Hazell, Dantonio, Pelini) and […]

Ohio State's Best Decade Ever?

As promised, here is a look at various ten year periods of Ohio State football. 1993-2002 Record: 97-27-1 (.78226) vs. Michigan: 4-6 Bowl Games: 4-5 Big Ten Championships: 3 National Championships: 1 All-Americans: 25 All-Big Ten: 51 Heisman Trophy: 1 I threw this one in mostly for fun and cheated by including 2002. Even with […]

Day #7 is brought to you by the letter "G"

Just think about it….one week from today we will be basking in the goodness that is The. Ohio. State. University. Football. Team. Day #7 is brought to you by the letter “G”. Ginn, Ted Jr. Gamble, Chris Germaine, Joe Galloway, Joey Greene, Cornelius That’s a lot of guys wearing number 7 that played for Ohio […]

Bobby Olive, proud creator of miracles

We have just 8 days to go, and for Day #8, I’d like to introduce a friend of mine. Bobby Olive was a walk-on at The Ohio State University in 1988, and he quickly got a major role as a wide receiver under new head coach John Cooper.  And it wasn’t too long before Ohio […]

The hardest hit I have ever seen

In 1989, I gathered with my best friend and his extended family to watch Ohio State play in the Hall Of Fame Bowl against Auburn. Bob and I had been friends for about four years, and we were inseparable when it came to Ohio state games. The Buckeyes had a rough season, getting spanked three […]

"Those who stay will still be losers"

Back in the late 1960s, Michigan picked up a new head coach, some guy by the name of Schembechler. His coaching style irritated a lot of the people at Michigan. He worked his kids like dogs. Players left the team in droves. But Bo had a method to his madness. He was going to whip […]

Oh, how the mighty have fallen

Here at The BBC, we take great pleasure in mocking Michigan fans. For longer than I care to remember, they had the upper hand on us, having won 10 out of 13 games over Ohio State (thank you, John Cooper)…..and they were arrogant about it. In my world, payback’s a bitch. So I have no […]

John Cooper remembered – And NOT in a good way

This morning, our old friends at Eleven Warriors published a brilliant piece on John Cooper and his recent induction in the College Football Hall Of Fame. Of course, you can’t write a Cooper-based piece with using the numbers 2, 10, and 1. 11W did that. Sprinkled around the article is a list of Coop’s accomplishments, […]

Very little to say…..

Seriously, what is there to say about this week’s game? Illinois, while having a few moments above mediocrity this year, is not going to inspire words of wisdom. Having Tress at the helm calms me, because I KNOW he’s got The Boys focused on the Illini. I do have one point to make, and I […]

Me and Bobby Olive

Bobby Olive was a wide receiver for the Buckeyes from 1988-1991. Freshman year, he got his shot after making the team as a walk-on (he was recruited by Earle Bruce, then had to fight for his spot under John Cooper). Made two HUGE catches for OSU….caught the game-winning TD against LSU in 1988 when we […]