Graphic Content: The Dream '14

It’s been a while since our friend Kevin Dearth has graced our pages with a new wallpaper for your desktop or laptop… or to sneak onto the tablet of the office Wolverine. Luckily, though, he’s got a couple of things today to fix that situation… and something more in the works. First up, a look […]

One Fan's Opinion: Remembering Family

Our Buckeye Bracket Challenge winner sent us this reflection as a part of his “major award”. Here’s a pic of my step dad and I at one of the spring games before he got sick. This was his only Buckeye game, but he was really excited that day knowing it was cold and a little […]

Graphic Evidence: Urban Warfare

It’s always great to get an email from our friend Kevin Dearth– you never know how he’s going to visualize the state of Buckeye sports. Here’s his take on this season’s schedule… definitely personifies the “attack!” mentality that Coach Meyer has brought to the team.

Graphic Content: Big Easy

After last night’s big win, most Buckeye fans spend all night celebrating with friends and family. Luckily for us, though, our friend Kevin Dearth spent time creating this great March Madness wallpaper for your enjoyment: Also- don’t forget that The Buckeye Room has a March Madness special so you can get ready for the finals- […]

Graphic Content: Buford and Craft

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our friend Kevin, but he’s back with a vengeance with today’s shootyhoops duo for your laptop and tablet. Although- it might not be good to share these with others- you don’t want them swooning and crashing into your computer.

Graphic Evidence: Urban Renovation

It’s been a while since we’ve given you something new from our friend Kevin, but the recent announcement of Ohio State’s new head coach has been inspirational. So, this can either be an early Christmas present for your laptop, or something to put on the computers of all the TTUN fans in your life- that […]

Graphic Content: 2011 Schedule

Ready for the season?  Does your laptop or work computer let everyone know that, come kickoff, there will be no quarter given by the Ohio State Buckeyes? This offering from our friend Kevin Dearth will certainly help: He’s even created a version without the schedule if that’s more your cup of tea. Eleven more days…

Graphic Content: Jared Sullinger

To beat the Badgers and win the Big Ten, the Buckeyes will need focus. Kevin Dearth brings us a reminder that Sully knows that as well as anyone.

Graphic Content: Class of 2011

Before we move on to the class of 2012 or go back to making well aimed fun at “Leaders” and “Legends”, Kevin has a visual reminder of the yesterday’s epic signing day.  Just think of it as a Second Second Christmas present.

Graphic Content: Sugar Bowl

It’s been a while since we’ve been blessed by our friend Kevin’s work, but since you all got shiny new computers and stuff for Christmas, he decided to provide us all with something to help get excited about the big doin’s in the Big Easy:

Graphic Content: Nathan Williams

Our friend Kevin has a new design template highlighting Buckeye playmakers- Here’s a look at Nathan Williams: He’s covered a ton of players, including smooth Kenny G and the Sandman. Be sure to check it out!

Graphic Content: Miami

Need something on your computer to remind you what week it is? Kevin’s got the answer once again: Brings together the two conductors at the middle of this matchup, and the two fight songs that are rallying cries for the respective fanbases. Six days until the Hurricanes face the music…

We've Got Your Backer

Another great design from Kevin Dearth, this time with one of the anchors of the Silver Bullets: If you put this on your computer monitor, I imagine that most viruses will be treated the way #51 treats ball carriers.* Football season is coming… and Ross is coming with it. Consider yourself notified. *not intended as […]