Keys to Victory: Purdue

Offense Don’t turn the ball over. I think we can all remember what happened the last time we traveled to West Lafayette with a young QB under center and struggled holding onto the ball. Unfortunately, in order to facilitate no turnovers, it is a strong possibility that we are going to see an offensive game […]

Keys to Victory: Indiana

Indiana is not a good football team. They have never been very good so that isn’t much of a surprise, but they appear to be particularly awful this year even by their standards. What does that mean for the Buckeyes? Well, it means that the chances of losing this weekend are very slim, but it […]

Keys to Victory: Nebraska

Do I think the Buckeyes can win on Saturday night? Yes, I always think the Buckeyes can win. What changes for me is how likely I think that outcome will be. For most games, my level of confidence in a Buckeye victory is very high. This week… not so much. The reason for my extreme […]

Keys to Victory: Colorado

BREAKING NEWS: Coach Luke Fickell has confirmed that freshman Braxton Miller will be the starting QB against Colorado. After last week’s performance, the main key to victory this week will be coming down with a strong case of amnesia. Like a star cornerback who gives up a big completion, the Buckeyes need to move on, […]

Keys to Victory: Miami (FL)

  The Buckeyes travel to Coral Gables on Saturday for the first planned test of the season. On the road for the first time, under the lights, against the always talented (but not always disciplined) Hurricanes, the game will certainly be a challenge. For the Buckeyes to come away with a victory, they will need […]

Keys to Victory: Toledo

Coming off a solid all-around performance against Akron, Ohio State and its fans have a lot to be optimistic about heading into game two. The Buckeyes established a solid foundation on offense and defense to build from as they work to get better each week. Fans and players can be optimistic, but not overconfident. The […]