Michigan Beats Ohio State 40-34

Written November 26th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

It lived up to be something that all of us had no idea it could be. The Michigan Wolverines hadn’t made the game “competitive” in nearly 7 years. Yet many Buckeye fans didn’t give this chance the light of day to keep on track with a high scoring offense.

Despite making this the best game of football fans have seen all season, The Ohio State Buckeyes fell short for the first time in 8 years on Saturday in Ann Arbor. Though it wasn’t due to lack of effort.

On the first drive of the ballgame, The Buckeye offense flashed a more aggressive playbook then we’ve seen all year. After completing two first downs through the air, Miller found room on the intended quarterback draw for a gain of 17 yards. Then on 1st down from Ohio State 46, Miller kept threw to a wide open Philly Brown near the end zone for a 54 yard touchdown strike.

After a four and out the Buckeyes would get the ball back looking to score on back to back drives.3 downs later It was Michigan that was positioning themselves to score. On the second play of drive, Denard Robinson used his legs to even up the ballgame on an outside run to sidelines — easily walking in for the first points on the afternoon for Michigan. It looked like we were going to have a back and forth offensive performance in the first quarter.

That’s when it seemed penalties and boneheaded mistakes would set apart these two teams.

After an incomplete pass from the Buckeye 20 to a streaking Philly Brown, 2nd down saw a Zach Boren holding penalty push Ohio State back to the 10 yard line. That was followed by a patented Jack Mewhort offsides penalty. Then after a -2 yard rush from Braxton Miller, it was 3rd down and 27 from the 3 yard line. The freshman hoisted a pass deep from the opposing endzone, but while trying to keep the outside rush from getting to the blindside of Miller, Mike Adams was flagged for holding Ryan Van Bergen, who beat him at the line. Adams did everything he could to make up for the great jump from the Michigan lineman. Holding onto a defender and ripping him down before he can finish though is a penalty punishable by two points and a safety in the stat book.

It was that penalty that gave Michigan their first lead in this rivalry in four years.
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Buckeye LiveBlog: M*ch*g*n

Written November 26th, 2011 by Eric

Today, the Buckeyes travel to Ann Arbor to participate in the first competitive version of The Game for the last several years.

We’ll be here chatting our way through it with all of our blog friends: The Buckeye Blog, OSU Silver Bullet, Buckeye House Call, Our Honor Defend, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, and Fox Sports Ohio.

The Game kicks off at Noon, the LiveBlog will lead off at 11:30.

Go Bucks, Beat M*ch*g*n!

What do you Want to see on Saturday? M*ch*g*n Edition

Written November 25th, 2011 by Eric

After stuffing our bellies full of delicious dead bird, it’s finally time to ignore the family again and focus on the things that truly matter.


It's just about time to get back to this.

Defensive Heart. I want to see the defense come out and play, and I mean really play. They need to repeatedly attack M*ch*g*n in the backfield, and get Shoelace on the turf as often as possible.

A worthy offensive gameplan. If Bollman comes into this game with his standard Walrusball offense it will be a disservice to the rivalry. The point of The Game is to try to win, not trying to make the other team’s defense look better than they really are.

A Jake Stoneburner touchdown. He finally got one last week against Penn State after not catching one for about 8 straight games. Time to go back to him again. If you want to do it more than once, I won’t complain.

Weeping M*ch*g*n fans. This has been the bandage on the wound that was the Cooper years. Not seeing it won’t rip it off, but it will certainly slow the healing. Yes, M*ch*g*n fans, we still haven’t done enough to you to close that wound. Maybe another decade of soul crushing will be sufficient.

Beat M*ch*g*n. This is the single most important thing we do all year. Go get it Bucks!

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Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Twelve

Written November 23rd, 2011 by Chris

Every season, anyone, who has any kind of writing commitment, will tell you at some point you hit a wall during a given season. It is up to every scribe to find what exactly it is that keeps him or her going, but for me, I usually draw my inspiration from on the field performances. I have gone from frustrated to empathetic when it comes to the 2011 season.

There is no question that 2011 has been a tough me for on many different levels. I am not an apologist, but I am a good friend to a man who lost his job that he loved.  Compounding all of this was taking on a career that requires me to explain what happened and why things transpired the way that they did. To top everything off, I have had to endure one of the more trying seasons on the football field that we have seen in some time.

With that being said, every season can be salvaged with a win over TSUN this weekend. So, let’s get after a little Scarlet and Gray Q&A.

Ohio State has gotten off to slow starts in consecutive weeks. What is main cause of this uninspired play?

I have to be honest. I never was in the locker room for a pregame speech from the Vest. I have heard they are legendary for the most part, but most of the time I was out on the field before the game kicked off.  I know that “getting up” for a big game isn’t based in just an inspirational pregame speech, but the message, whatever that may be, has gone stale.

The Missing Spark?

It appears that for the most part Fickell likes to lean towards tapping into the team’s emotions. But there was a columnist, who covers Ohio State, that pondered how often Fickell could tap that well before it would run dry. I am in agreement that a player’s reaction diminishes to the same stimuli, and I feel like Fickell just doesn’t have a whole lot else in his arsenal.  That is not all on him, because I think this is a learned skill for a head coach. If I asked you to go out and inspire the team to play the scUM on Saturday, we would all tap into the emotional side of things. It is just the way most people would do it. The problem is this is only effective for so long, especially when it is the same voice saying the same thing repeatedly.

I place some blame on the leadership on this team. We all love this group of seniors for what they have had to endure and have done so with class. It just seems like after Wisconsin, the upperclassmen were spent. Younger players feed off of the message from their elder counterparts, and I haven’t seen a whole lot of that lately, which leads me to my next question.

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Pregame Glance: Virginia Military Institute

Written November 22nd, 2011 by Eric

The Buckeyes are playing three games in rapid succession this week in preparation for the grind of the NCAA tournament. Tomorrow’s game with VMI is the second of those three. Let’s take a look.

The Keydets are coming to town.

School: Virginia Military Institute
Location: Lexington, Virginia
Founded: 1839
Cadet Population: 1500
School Type: Public
Division: NCAA DIV I
Conference: Big South
Stadium: Cameron Hall
Seating: 5,800
Built: 1981
Head Coach: Duggar Baucom
Year: 7th

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Shots from the Shoe – Penn State

Written November 22nd, 2011 by Eric

Dr. Jon Woods dots the I in the first ever Second Script in a single game.

I’m not going to wax philosophic after that Penn State game.  Being in the stadium for Dr. Wood’s last home game was wonderful – particularly getting a chance to shake his hand and thank him for everything after the game.  The game, though, left a lot to be desired.

  • The Buckeye fans were wonderful during the game.  Lots of people will point to the fact that the PSU team was booed when they came into the stadium.  I will simply point out (and it’s something that has always annoyed me) that every team is booed coming into the stadium.  I can think of no better way to show respect to the other team given the situation then to treat them no differently than you would have otherwise.  It’s like the whole situation never happened.

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Silver Bullet Points Has One Shot Left

Written November 22nd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

If You're Gonna' Go, Go Big.

Buckeye 411

  • Captain, My Ca… Ah, Screw It- At this point, no captains have been named for this week’s matchup with TTUN.  I’m sure it’s Brewster, Simon, and some other folks.
  • Injury Report- Sweat is a “doctor’s decision”, due to it being a head injury.  Philly Brown is going to be OK, but safety Christian Bryant is “questionable” for the game. No additional information on Bryant, but he’s currently listed as the starter on this week’s depth chart.
  • Fickell Speaks- On “The Game”;

It’s still the Ohio State/M*chigan game, still the greatest rivalry in all sports. We wouldn’t attack it any other way. That’s what is remembered. We understand that. We know that. Our guys have understood that regardless of what the situation has been in the last 10 years that I’ve been here or even the five years I was here as a player.

When you come here, you know what it’s about. That’s why I’d say 70 percent of our guys are from that 250 mile radius, been grown up, born into it, and know more about what this rivalry is all about than most.

  • More From Fickell- This exchange was a great one between Coach Fickell and a member of the press,

Your Michigan counterpart refers to your employer just as “Ohio.” Have you noticed that, first of all?

…Coach Bruce or Coach Hayes used to not refer to the team up north or whatever that is, hopefully that it’s no disrespect to Ohio University, they are Ohio, but it is what it is.

We might refer to M*chigan in different ways, too. Read More

Buckeye LiveBlog: Penn State

Written November 19th, 2011 by Eric

The Penn State Nittany Lions come to Columbus tomorrow to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes, and we’ll be here to chat through the action!

As usual, you’ll be able to talk with your favorite bloggers: OSU Silver Bullet, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, The Buckeye Blog, Our Honor Defend, Buckeye House Call, and Fox Sports Ohio.

The game kicks at 3:30, with the LiveBlog starting around 3.

Go Bucks!