Buckeyes take out 'Canes 36-24

It was one amazing football game as the Buckeyes faced off today in the Horseshoe with the Hurricanes of Miami (FL) for the first time since their National Championship battle in January of 2003.  The game had been massively anticipated since it’s announcement several years ago and it didn’t disappoint.  Terrelle Pryor guided the Buckeyes […]

Live Chat – Ohio State vs. Miami (FL)

Welcome to today’s Live Chat hosted by Fox Sports Ohio! The Buckeyes will be taking on the Hurricanes of Miami (FL) today in the Horseshoe at 3:30 PM today. Make certain to swing by and join us for some great discussions during the game! OSU v Miami FOX Sports Ohio chat From Skull Session earlier […]

Preview: Ohio State vs. Miami (Fl)

The Miami Hurricanes, fresh off of their 45-0 drubbing of outmatched Florida A&M, roll into Columbus on Saturday for one of the premiere clashes of the college football season. Miami and their fans will come in with plenty of “swagger” after an excellent performance in their first game of the season, but considering A&M is […]

What do you want to see on Saturday? Miami Edition

Last Thursday gave us a game that provided everything we had hoped for and was the perfect warm-up for this weeks clash with Miami. Here’s to more of the same. What do you want to see on Saturday? Jeff Jacory Harris with negative rushing yards- This one isn’t uncommon.  Harris hasn’t posted positive rushing yards […]

Know your enemy: Miami edition

Having been promoted to the head coaching position in December 2006 to replace Larry Coker, Randy Shannon seems to be on the right track for returning the Miami Hurricanes program to prominence.  Much like at Ohio State, top 10 teams and bowl game wins are the annual expectation for the Hurricanes.  Talk will run rampant […]

Get Loud!!!

Lots of folks are talking about the comments today from a Florida writer that The Horseshoe isn’t a hostile environment, but none have done so better than Spencer Hall at EDSBS. We’d link him anyway, if only for this photo and caption: Mr. Hall also reminds us that other Big T1e1n stadia have “interesting” ways […]

Set Your DVRs

Word on the street is that Jeff’s got himself a little bit of television time this week, on Fox Sports “College Football Saturday Preview”. If you wanna’ watch (and of course you do), here’s the link to know when and where to Tivo. I’m being told that he’s going to be addressing how the Buckeyes […]

Graphic Content: Miami

Need something on your computer to remind you what week it is? Kevin’s got the answer once again: Brings together the two conductors at the middle of this matchup, and the two fight songs that are rallying cries for the respective fanbases. Six days until the Hurricanes face the music…

Miami Week

Marshall behind us, and now the Buckeyes face Miami (no, not the ones that gave Florida fits). Cole brings the hype video to get things started: Maximum volume strongly suggested.

Talents in South Beach

Highlights from the festivities as Da’ U squared off against FAMU: That there was a fight? Not surprising. After all, Nike did steal pay homage to FAMU’s uniforms for the 2010 Miami Pro Combat. That there were more than 45 fans at the game? Astonishing.

What We Did On Summer Vacation- NCAA Edition

Summer is almost over, bringing with it a mixture of disappointment from schoolkids and excitement for college football fans. This guy, however, is probably going to have the same experience, summer or fall. Footage from someone we know? Hard to tell for sure… What we do know, though, is that it has been a pretty […]

The Week That Were: 9.26.09

Finishing what Jeff started, as we do every week. Here’s this week’s soundtrack/music to piss off the people in the cubicle next to you. Every season, there’s one or two weeks that just screw up everything. From the Vegas lines, to the “pundit’s choices”, to alumni plans for Bowl Game Tailgating, and even the coaching […]

Dropping a deuce – Part Three – Mike Doss

Two days before kickoff.  48 hours.  Are you ready? In keeping with the tradition of our countdown format, we bring you a player who has worn #2 for the Buckeyes.  But Jeebus, who to pick????  Oh, the hell with it…..let’s just do a series of our #2 legends! Part 3 belongs to a guy from […]

Craig Krenzel's year of miracles

There was absolutely no doubt about who our honored guest would be for Day #16. The legendary season of 2002 was all we ever needed to see in order to make the name Craig Krenzel a household name throughout the glorious state of Ohio. We could start a poll and try to select a play […]

Matt Wilhelm – "None shall pass"

When compiling a list of the best linebackers ever to play at Ohio State, the list is long. Spielman, Cousineau, Hawk, Laurinaitis, Gradishar, Pepper Johnson, etc etc etc. While he rarely shows up on the list of all-time best LB, Matt Wilhelm is one of my favorites. And on his next-to-last play of his career, […]