Another new beginning

A little over three years ago, I started The BBC with no real goals (aside from the obvious “I wanna write about the Buckeyes” stance).  But on the way to apathy, a funny thing happened….readers paid attention and the site grew. With that, The BBC was no longer a hobby.  It was a passion, and […]

Big news coming tomorrow

We here at The Buckeye Battle Cry will have a fairly large announcement tomorrow morning….fans of this site will be quite pleased, I assure you. Stop by tomorrow.  You’ll be happy.  We certainly are. Jeff

More Jersey Stuff

In spite of everyone saying that this “isn’t a game jersey and we don’t know where it came from”, there’s a lot of smoke swirling about these designs. Latest: Ebay “2010 Non-Game Worn Jersey” Thoughts/Theories/Rumors?

Happy Holidays!

YouTube has cracked down on all the videos of Tebow actually blubbering on the sidelines.  No, I’m not exaggerating.  It was truly awesome. Here’s something close…. Glory, glory…. tyjfgjh

Where Things Stand: Duck Hunting

In my last update I briefly looked at the defensive line. To summarize, they are really good. As it turns out, Oregon’s rushing attack is pretty good as well, which is going to make the battle between Oregon’s offense vs. Ohio State’s defense a hot topic in the weeks to come. Well, I made a […]

And what about this?

More photos of clothes… is this a home version of the throwback/homage jersey? One of the versions that was in consideration but not chosen? A Rose Bowl uniform? What the Buckeyes will be wearing next year? Thoughts?

Odds and ends – a mid-day wrap-up

If you thought we were finished reviewing the Michigan game, you’re quite wrong.  We’ll have more to say on the matter, mostly in the chest-thumping fashion.  Stay tuned. ———— We’ve got four….count ’em, FOUR….new videos about ready to be published.  I expect two of them to hit today, the other two tomorrow.  If I get […]

Pregame Glance: North Carolina

Ohio State faces one of their many big tests this season tomorrow night against the #4 ranked and defending National Champions North Carolina Tar Heels.  The game is being played in Madison Square Gardens as part of the 2k Sports “Coaches vs. Cancer” Challenge.  Here’s everything you need to know about North Carolina. School: North […]

Live blogging – Ohio State vs Iowa

Chat carefully today, fans – if you blog well enough, you get to go to Pasadena! If you have a profile on FaceBook, MySpace, or Twitter, log in to the chat with those and comment away!  Our chat feature only allows so many unmoderated people, but you don’t count against the quota if you log […]

And here 'tis-

Somehow, I’ve become the fashion consultant for tBBC. Must be the proximity to Los Angeles… The rumors are true: Here’s the “1954 Tribute” uniforms for next week’s Mich1gAAn game. More information from the Nike Gridiron site, including the new “Earned” t-shirt, which has a pretty cool ad/introduction on the official site. Thoughts?

Ohio State downs James Madison 72-44

That wasn’t quite as easy as Monday… Ohio State started out slow, but pulled away in the second half to send James Madison home with a 72-44 loss.  Evan Turner continued his dominance streak by putting up a Double-Double with a 24 point, 17 rebound, 4 assist and 2 steal statline.  The Buckeyes as a […]

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? – Iowa edition

Here we go again…another Big Ten title hangs in the balance. Let’s see what the staff thinks we need to win this game; Jeff at The BBC Number Five! – A win on Saturday gives our fifth consecutive Big Ten title, as if you didn’t know that already. A large supply of fans holding roses […]

Bad Day – back to the roots

In 2006, this blog was started with a few well-timed videos, and it grew into what you see today. Let’s go back to the roots for a day….by popular demand (and special request through the Live Chats on Saturdays), here’s another “Bad Day” video.  Enjoy!

Pregame Glace: James Madison

After a rousing win over a seriously overmatched Alcorn State squad, Ohio State turns to face the James Madison Dukes.  This will be the second game of the “2k Sports Coaches vs. Cancer Classic”.  Here’s what you need to know: School: James Madison Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia Founded: 1908 Student Population: 17000 School Type: Private Division: […]

Iowa blogs are funny….

The Iowa blogs are just now getting around to previewing the Ohio State game this weekend, and I’ve gotta hand it to them.  They got to it sooner than I thought they would.  I mean, who starts openly discussing a trip to the dentist five days in advance?  You know it’s gonna be painful, so […]

Rumor has it…

the Buckeyes will look like this against Mich1gAAn: Makes sense, given what we’ve heard elsewhere. Thoughts? ———— EDIT by Jeff at The BBC Rumor also has it that the Buckeyes will look like THIS against Michigan; …..and this…… …and this…..

Turner nets Triple Double as Ohio State beats Alcorn State 100-60

Ball movement, fundamentals, shot selection, defense, hustle… Everything that coaches push and stress were on display tonight for the Buckeyes as they dismantled a severely outmatched Alcorn State squad 100-60 reaching the century mark on a reverse layup from Big Z Sarikopoulos. The most impressive stat line of the night was put up by Evan […]

Did You See What You Wanted To See? – Penn State edition

If your answer isn’t a resounding “HELL, YES”, then get back to your Penn State or Iowa blog where you belong. Here’s the stats, as we thought we needed….. Jeff at The BBC A minimum of 275 total yards for Pryor – Fail.  He’d have gotten those yards, too.  But fucking Ray Small kept making […]

Pregame Glance: Alcorn State

The Ohio State Buckeyes start the road towards the NCAA Tournament tomorrow facing off at home against the Alcorn State Braves.  The interesting facts: School: Alcorn State Location: Lorman, Mississippi Founded: 1871 Student Population: 3252 School Type: Public (State Supported) Division: Division 1 Conference: Southwestern Athletic Conference Stadium: Davey L. Whitney Complex Seating: 7000 Built: […]