San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: Navy vs. San Diego State

Navy (8-3) vs. San Diego State (8-4, 5-3 MWC) December 23rd, 2010, 8:00 PM ET ESPN Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, California History: The Poinsettia Bowl is entering it’s 6th year of existence after being formed in 2005 by the organizers of the Holiday Bowl. The game originally didn’t have much of a tie-in role, but […]

The Week That Were: 10.23.10

In the spirit of Homecoming, here’s this week’s musical selection. Congrats to Ohio State’s new royalty- I apologize if your reign is rudely interrupted. Columbus wasn’t the only college town named after Spanish explorers that was celebrating “Fleecing Forgetful Alumni Weekend” (so named by a friend who works in alumni relations- it’s amazing how the […]

Beating USC….means Ohio State is 9-0???

Yes, you read that right.  The Ohio State Buckeyes are currently 1-0, having knocked off Navy last weekend.  It’s my contention that if Ohio State wins their second game of the year, they’re as good as 9-0. With all the rabid discussion about the Ohio State-USC game, it appears as if nobody has taken a […]

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? – USC edition

Eric Keep passing to the TE’s and RB’s -  We had great success in the passing game last week by going to the TE’s and RB’s – in fact the top two receivers were at TE/RB.  USC will be a lot better in pass defense than Navy was, and we will need to spread it […]

Step back from the ledge, read this instead

31-27, ouch. Well, maybe not that ouch. If you will recall, Ohio State was up 29-14 with the ball on Navy’s 15 yard line with 7 minutes to go in the game. For more tidbits from Saturday to make you feel better, read this fantastic article by Jeff Amey over at Feel better now? No? Not […]

What Do You Want To See On Saturday?

Each week, the BBC will be gathering opinions from all staff members regarding the upcoming game (and beyond). We call it “What Do You Want To See On Saturday*?” No further explanation needed. Let’s get to it; Jim? What do you want to see? The offensive line needs to move people off the ball – […]

Mid-day wrapup

Lots to discuss, so here we go; On Monday morning, we’ll be announcing our new experiment/project that we hope will settle a lot of arguments regarding which NCAA conference reigns supreme.  Check with us Monday and see what you think….. ————————- We’ve mentioned this here before, but let’s remind ticket-holders again – there is a […]

Why is it so hard to beat the Trojans?

Apparently I’m just going to write about the Trojans for the next several weeks.  I promise I’m not overlooking the oh-so-dangerous-triple-option Navy team, but bear with me while I get my preseason jitters out of the way.  After that I’ll start taking the required shots at “Jake Locker East” (read: Tim “I’m a virgin” Tebow) […]