Silver Bullet Points Gets Some R&R

It’s the bye week, and there’s only one song for the occasion. Well, two… something for everyone. Buckeye 411  Injury Update- Tuesday, Coach Meyer said that it was better than 50/50 for Etienne Sabino to return for the Wisconsin game, something that will add a much needed boost to the Ohio State linebacker corps. No […]

Today's The Perfect Time For Silver Bullet Points

This week’s soundtrack takes you back to 1978, well before vampires were sparkly and werewolves were dreamy. Happy All Hallows Eve, folks… Buckeye 411 Meaningful Awards- This week, we more about how well Ohio State’s players are being perceived nationally, as several more “just happy to be nominated” lists included Buckeyes. Jonathan Hankins is one […]

Silver Bullet Points Fingers

The quiet of this week around Buckeye Nation provides a moment of peace prior to August’s chaos of fall camp and Olympic dreams. It’s completely different than July of 2011… and I don’t hear many complaining. What I do hear, though, are the thunder and raging winds still swirling from last week’s Freeh Report. Both […]

Silver Bullet Points To The Rafters

It’s hump day, which means the mid-week linkage and notes from around the world of college sports. Buckeye 411 Dennis Hopson’s number hasn’t been retired by Ohio State. As someone who grew up in Ohio during his reign, I find that unbelievable… almost unforgivable. So, like a lot of other folks, I’m 100% behind the […]

Sugar Bowl Roster

Mali note: This was written on Sunday night, right before the hamster in my folk’s dial up internet died- as such it didn’t get published.  If you haven’t heard this, then it’s news to you. Reports tonight (yesterday night) are indicating that the members of the Ohio State football team who were suspended on Thursday […]

Why is Pryor playing in the Sugar Bowl?

The stink from this is going to be on the airwaves for months to come. Five Buckeyes selling their championship gear to earn money – albeit to help their parents out – are allowed to play in a big bowl game and serve their suspensions the next year. The argument is going to go something […]

Where there's smoke…

Well, seems as if there was something to those reports about Mich1gAAn’s inability to monitor practice time after all. From the Detroit News: According to an audit, obtained by The Detroit News, the football staff did not submit the practice logs for the 2008 season as required by the university athletic department, which uses the […]

Michigan embarrassed again. Dear God, don't let this stop…..

ESPN just announced that Rich Rodriquez has been linked to a booster that is banned by the NCAA. COLUMBIA, S.C. — One of the business partners involved in the real estate venture at the root of a federal lawsuit against Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is an accused felon and banned Clemson University booster. The partner, […]

What's that smell???

Yesterday I discussed MGoBlog and how they made their blog “disappear” for two full days after the loss to Appalachian State. It was very amateurish and very cowardly, and we all had a good laugh at Michigan’s expense. I also stated that the recent revelations about Michigan cheating in order to get their three solid […]

MGoBlog ready to "disappear" again….

Immediately following the 2007 loss to Appalachian State, the most prominent Michigan blog, MGoBlog did the right thing and they took their lumps like men. Oh, wait… they didnt. They shut down the site for two full days, much like what you’d expect out of complete cowards. Expect similar behavior very very soon…..breaking news has […]

Is the NCAA hiding something with Alabama penalties?

In case you haven’t heard, Louisiana-Monroe beat Alabama in football two years ago.  So did Florida International. The victories were earned today when Alabama had a large hammer brought down on their heads, as sixteen different Alabama sports were found to be in violation of NCAA rules and regulations, and a massive amount of wins […]