Monday Musings

  I’m a little light on content this week, since I’ve been preoccupied with trying to stay cool, or at least ‘not as hot’ this week. Last Wednesday, MaliBuckeye went into some discussion on upcoming NCAA football rules changes, and enforcement challenges, regarding “targeting” by a defensive player. I won’t belabor his points, nor the […]

Monday Musings

Yessiree-bob, the start of another week. With coffee in hand, let’s get right to it. Football A bit of a slow week, but not entirely dormant. For instance, Charles has an article on rules changes that he’d like to see implemented. They concern ability to return onside kicks, number of coach’s challenges and ball placement […]

Improving the Game: College Football Rules Changes That I Would Like To See

Last week I took a look at the proposed rule changes for the 2013 college football season.  As those of you who read the article can probably recall, I wasn’t a fan of many of the major changes that were proposed.  That doesn’t mean that I think the rules of college football are perfect; while […]

Monday's Musings

Well, here we are, yet another Monday morning. I’ll assume everyone has their coffee in hand, so let’s  get right to it. Personally, I’m ambivalent on bumper stickers, unless your rust bucket needs them to keep its fenders and bumpers in place. Well, you know at some point this had to happen, and in SEC country, […]