Pregame Glance: Nebraska

Written January 3rd, 2012 by Eric

The Bucks return to Columbus to take on the fiesty Nebraska Cornhuskers. Here’s the skinny:

Here come the Cornhuskers

School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Founded: 1869
Student Population: 24,593
School Type: Public
Division: NCAA DIV I
Conference: Big Ten
Stadium: Bob Devaney Sports Center
Seating: 13,595
Built: 1976
Head Coach: Doc Sadler
Year: 6th

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2012 Capital One Bowl: South Carolina -vs- Nebraska

Written January 1st, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

The cavalcade of college football continues with our newest besties from Lincoln.

The Basics: Tuesday, January 2, 2012, 1:00 PM EST on ESPN, from Orlando. Nebraska (9-3, 5-3 B1G) and South Carolina (10-2, 6-2 SEC).

Footballs And Palm Trees

History: If this is finally the Capital One bowl, can we get the “Capital One Bowl Week” commercials to stop now? This SEC/BIG matchup has seen PSU/LSU in 2009 and MSU/Bama in 2010… and now those two SEC teams are now in the BCS game. Proud.

South Carolina: The year started out with high expectations, but the loss of running back Marcus Lattimore derailed that a bit- although they’re still averaging 198 yards per game on the ground. Their defense is only giving up 18.8 points a game, thanks in part to the most awesome high school athlete I’ve ever seen being a freshman on the Gamecock defensive line. They barely lost to Auburn, were blown out by Arkansas, and ended the season with a huge victory over Clemson. Oh, and they’re also currently under NCAA investigation and stuff; but I’m guessing you’ll never hear anything about that on eSECpn’s coverage of this match up.

Nebraska: We’re all too familiar with the Children of the Corn, although this version will be somewhat different since Carl Pelini now is a big fan of the state of Florida. Big Red is 14th in the country in rushing yardage, thanks to the two headed attack of Taylor Martinez and Rex Burkhead… however, Martinez’ leadership has only accounted for 166.6 yards of total offense. Their biggest win, unfortunately, was against the Buckeyes… they were blown out in Ann Arbor. Work with me, won’t you?

Fun Facts. We’re not going to talk about the last time each team met Ohio State… instead, let’s remind everyone that this game culminates the super awesome Capital One Mascot Challenge, which is probably more exciting to some folks than to others. While we’re at it, can we also acknowledge who the most talented member of Capital One’s commercial campaign is?

Who we got?

  • Chris – Huskers
  • Eric – Huskers
  • Jim – Huskers
  • Mali – Like I have a choice
  • JoeL – Huskers
  • JoeD- ‘Cocks

The Week That Were: 11.26.11

Written November 27th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Lots of holiday options for this week’s soundtrack, but I’m that guy that thinks Christmas music should be banned until at least December. So, given all of the rumors of this past week and the results from yesterday’s Ohio State game, the R&B genius of Sam And Dave make a return as we give thanks and look to the future.

Ah, Thanksgiving weekend. When thoughts turn to leftover turkey and pie and… football. While the NFL takes front stage on Thursday, and even with the “exciting news” that the NBA is “back, baby!!!”, this weekend was all about the college game. It’s the weekend that puts the best of both worlds together- family and friends gathering together to break bread and then scream at each other because someone had to go to that school just to be different.

And we got three days of amazing games, starting with the end of an era. Because of future schedule issues between the SEC bound aTm and the Big Integer anchor Texas Longhorns, the Turkey Day Tradition saw its last episode end in a classic fashion. This was supposed to be THE year for the Aggies, but failure after failure on their farewell tour led to a mentality where the UT game was a must win to maintain dignity before heading to the 4-8 seasons that SEC play was sure to bring.

Texas’ struggles are also well known (and well documented), and there was a contingent of Longhorn faithful who were as tired of their staff’s decisions regarding offensive and defensive play as some Ohio State faithful have been as of late.  For this to end the way that it did highlights the beauty of the rivalry and the reason that college football is the heart of the lives of so many:

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The Week That Were: 11.12.11

Written November 14th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

This has been a difficult week. “Gee, you think?” – People in Happy Valley

Even as someone who’s not affiliated directly with PSU football, the news and headlines coming out of this story has created a pall over all of the games this weekend. This story reminds us that there are things greater than the trivial games that we enjoy, and that these are (after all) just games. It makes us take a step back and wrestle with the support we give to programs and the expectations we have for people who are in charge of them. It is the icing on the cupcake of a season already filled with reminders that the purity of the sport is not what it should be (particularly if you buy your cupcakes at one of those overpriced “boutique” places).

Remembering What's Important

In addition to the national news, we hear that Urban Meyer lost his father this past week- thoughts and prayers to him and his family.  With all that’s been going on, this has been a difficult look back at this past week’s contests- but the games can also be reminders of the better things that can happen on the fields and in the lives of the young adults who represent the Universities we follow. So, with that, this week’s soundtrack is some older U2- here we go.

If Disney were in charge of college footbal (and they aren’t. Yet.), Nebraska would be filled with evil villains and Penn State’s valiant, moxified seniors would figure out a way to beat the evil Huskers to honor their “fallen” coach. Alas- we’ve seen that movie, and while miracles happen in real life, the truth of the matter is that two good football teams played and the one with the better strategy managed to emerge victorious.  Penn State’s defense is as advertised, as is their offense- it will be interesting to see if this week’s matchup against Ohio State will make the LSU/Alabama game look like a scoring juggernaut.

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The Week That Were: 11.05.11

Written November 7th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

The Week That Were looks at the hyperbolic and the unexpected. Once again, I was wandering around the wilderness on gameday, which explains why Stevie makes a repeat appearance as our soundtrack for “The Review Of The Century”:

NOTE- Scroll down for our comments regarding Penn State coverage.

Knowing Your Target Demographic

Well, let’s get right to it… the game that many saw as a pick-em at kickoff, between the top two teams in the country, was the “highlight” of an interesting week.  Sorry for those of you playing the “oversigning” drinking game- in the hours and hours of lead up and coverage, not a single mention of the biggest issue behind the scenes for this matchup. At least you could be the Designated Driver, right?

As for the game itself- it was a classic matchup of two solid defenses. Or, it was a clash between two teams that could not offensively amount to much of anything. It all depends on your perspective, I reckon.

That’s not to say that there weren’t moments to enjoy, though. I’m someone who normally appreciates defensive struggles but also hates soccer,  and I can admit the players that Alabama and LSU didn’t run off during the offseason put on the field showed the “SEC Speed” that we continue to hear so much about during home game bowl season. To keep Trent Richardson in check when he’d been running through offenses like he was a fancy car or something… that’s significant. These teams both were firing on all cylinders on the defensive side of the ball, even if they couldn’t outscore a baseball game.

Only one thing frustrated me, to be honest- Les Miles absolutely should have faked the third down field goal and gone for the touchdown.  Lester… man, you’re getting soft. Saban, on the other hand, was in championship form- I can see why people want to play for him… he’s so cuddly! Read More

The Week That Were: 10.29.11

Written October 31st, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

I’ll be honest… it’s been so great to relive the huge Buckeye win over Wisconsin, I’ve had to dig a bit to find motivation to even think about the other games from this week. However, my search for a soundtrack that would be appropriate for Halloween Weekend, I found this gem that helped me keep my focus…

Digging The Soundtrack

The story this week was big upsets, both with teams falling from the ranks of the undefeated and teams rising to the occasion against expectations.  So let’s start in that vein, and with a little “howdy do” to our newest BFFs from the Iowa State contingency, who turned the tables on a Texas Tech team coming off a huge upset on their own. And it wasn’t just a “win” against the #20 Red Raiders, but a 41-7 demolition of Tommy Tuberville’s squadron… must have been a bit presumptuous to start the “Mike Leach Who?” talk, huh? No wonder the folks in Lubbock were chippy.

But the Cyclone satisfaction didn’t stop there, as cross state rivals Iowa also fell in a surprising factor, to a Minnesota team that’s been disappointing both for their coach and for their conference. But, in a week where the new guy got a huge “Vote Of Confidence“, his Gophers responded with a one point victory in Iowa City to the perennial B1G Coach Of The Year. They get Floyd back in Minneapolis, which is always a good thing.  Yup, just another week of pride for the folks at ISU… enjoy your moment. Read More

The Week That Were: 10.22.11

Written October 24th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

There are lots of options for today’s soundtrack, but I’m going with this one for reasons that should be clear later.

Apologies for the tardiness of this week’s recap…  you say “bye week”, I say “rock climbing trip to the beach“. So, yeah… I didn’t get to see what might be the play of the season in the B1G. If you’re like me and have been living under or on a rock, a) I’m sorry and b) here’s how it went down:

The game was a great one for college football fans, and for the conference overall… for the national audience to see such a back and forth game between two top teams can’t help but counteract the “B1G And Slow” meme that seems to linger no matter the quality of the programs within the conference. Read More

B1G Basketball Preview: Nebraska

Written October 21st, 2011 by Joe Laing

Up next on our preview list is the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  They will be in their first year of Big Ten play after joining the conference last summer.

You can bet these guys are excited for the start of the season!

The name “Nebraska” obviously doesn’t have the same ring to it when mentioning Basketball as it does with Football.  One of the biggest reasons for this is that they haven’t won a conference title since 1950.  They are also one of only 3 BCS schools to have not won a NCAA tournament game.  For those keeping track at home, that makes two now in our conference – the other being Northwestern.  Maybe we could get South Florida to join as well and round out the three?

Doc Sadler is in his 5th season as the head coach and Nebraska is coming off a promising 19-13 2010-2011 season in which they made the NIT.  After a surprising 13-2 start to the season,  they ended with a middle of the road 7-9 conference record last year, in their final season in the Big 12.  On the positive side, they’ve actually been invited to the NIT in 3 of the previous 4 seasons, suggesting they’re on the cusp of getting back into the dance.

The most exciting news coming out the Nebraska basketball program is probably is the opening of the new Hendrix training complex.  The 18.7 million dollar facility will be home to both men’s and women’s basketball training as well as wrestling and other sports.

They did lose the #1 and #3 top scorers from last years team in Lance Jeter and Christain Standhardinger respectively.  Standhardinger had lots of promise as only a sophomore but was kicked off the team midway through last year.  If you have some time read the back story on that situation.  It makes for some funny laughs.  Humor aside, this leaves for a very experienced team having 5 seniors and 6 juniors leading the way. Read More