TBDBITL Report: Sugar Bowl Preview

New Orleans has long been known for its music scene and while Buckeye fans will enjoy taking in some jazz while they are in town, the music that they most want to hear in preparation for the first college football playoff will be provided by the Ohio State University Marching Band who will of course […]

TBDBITL Report: Summer Sessions, More Media Attention, and a New App

Summer is normally a slow time for Ohio State sports outside of recruiting. All of the spring sports are done and none of the fall sports have started practice yet, meaning that outside of recruiting there is little in the way of news. That isn’t true for all things connected to OSU athletics though as […]

TBDBITL Report: A Farewell to Doc Moore

The past couple years have seen numerous pieces of good news for the Ohio State Marching Band as the band has received unprecedented amounts of attention, acclaim, and university support. Last week brought sad news for everyone connected to TBDBITL as Dr. James Moore, known to most as Doc, passed away at age 80. For […]

TBDBITL Preview: Week 15 – Showing M*ch*g*n How It Is Done

When the Ohio State football team invaded enemy territory last weekend, they were not alone.  Not only were they accompanied by thousands of Buckeye faithful who made it possible to get an ‘O-H-I-O’ cheer going around The Big House yet another year, the Ohio State Marching Band was also in attendance.  This marked the fourth […]

TBDBITL Preview: Week 2

While people can debate about the proper reaction from fans to the football team’s 20 point win in their season opener, what cannot be debated is that the Ohio State Marching Band got the season off to a great start.  Coming off an amazing 2012 season that featured several shows that received international attention, expectations […]

TBDBITL Preview: Week 1

With only one day remaining until the start of the 2013 football season, last minute preparations are underway by thousands of people at Ohio State.  While the football team and coaches are having their last practice and making their last tweaks to the game plan, stadium workers are finishing getting Ohio Stadium ready for over […]

Congratulations to the 2013 Edition of TBDBITL

After two grueling days of tryouts featuring more than 400 people, 225 lucky individuals had their dreams come true tonight as they heard their names called as members of the 2013 Ohio State University Marching Band.  As a TBDBITL alumnus, I know about the numerous hours of hard work required to prepare for tryouts; all […]

TBDBITL Tryouts Begin

This is an important week for Buckeye fans everywhere, after a long summer without OSU sports; things are finally kicking into high gear in preparation the fall sports season.  On Monday the Ohio State football team hit the practice field for the first time this season, looking to continue their undefeated ways under Urban Meyer. While […]