Silver Bullet Points Is Aware Of The Issue

This week, Ohio State faces a Purdue coach that’s undefeated* against them, and seeks to rebound from a horrible defensive showing at Indiana.  So, yeah- our soundtrack is something that should be harped on, even if it seems a little paranoid. Buckeye 411 Think Pink- Well, I guess this is a thing now, as this […]

Monday Morning Commentary

It’s not often that I show my negative opinions publicly but this commentary has given me a great opportunity to get things off my chest so to speak. Remember that my opinion is not necessarily that of tBBC and should only be considered as my opinion. Here it goes, with both barrels. I already said my […]

Paying It Forward: The DRIVEN Foundation Hoops Event

One day after the NBA draft, we wanted to make you aware of a great basketball event that you’re going to want to be a part of. Our friend Roy Hall‘s DRIVEN Foundation is hosting an Ohio State Football Alumni Basketball Game on Saturday (6.30.12) at Mifflin High School in Columbus, with a 7:30 pm […]

Jim and Ellen Tressel – Charity King and Queen

Jim Tressel is a great coach and will have a legacy at Ohio State that may be tough to match. From the relationships he forged with his players to the overall record that dominated the college football scene for ten years. He will be a tough act to follow in Scarlet and Gray even for […]

Remembering Tress: Roy Hall

On this anniversary of James Patrick Tressel’s last day at work, several of the folks from tBBC are joining others in the BBN to talk about the impact that The Vest had in Columbus, both on and off the field. We were fortunate to be able to talk with

tBBC Playlist: Buckeyes Got Talent

We interrupt your regularly scheduled dose of self immolation and national schadenfreude so you can enjoy some good news from Columbus. On May 10th, the Ohio State Athletic department hosted the 5th annual “Buckeyes Got Talent” competition, and raised over $11,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs. What does this have to do with football? […]

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

If you’re a Buckeye fan living in Northeast Ohio, or if you were a part of our NCAA Tournament challenge you should be familiar with the work of our newest partner, Fresh Brewed Tees. We’re excited to work with this great organization, especially because they are active in giving back to the community- $1 from […]

Excellence Amidst Tragedy

If you’ve got some time this weekend (when you’re not making macrame potholders or macaroni pictures for mother’s day- so what if I’m over 40… don’t you judge me), you should take a trip to Tuscaloosa via the great work that Vico has done over at Our Honor Defend. There, he recounts his experience through […]

Silver Bullet Points Wishes It Were A SEAL

Lots of things to catch up on… Some of this has been around for a bit, but we’re not all edgy and trendy and stuff. The Story Of The Week Although it’s not really sports related, the capture/death of Osama Bin Laden did have some ripples throughout Buckeye nation and the sports world, particularly on […]

Healthy Perspective

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important if you’re an Ohio State fan- the men’s and women’s teams got bounced from the NCAA tournament earlier than we would like, and then there’s the whole thing that’s going on in the football office. Heck, the sacred start of spring practice even comes with a […]

Help Us Help You

Here at the Buckeye Battle Cry, we try our best to keep the focus on the world of Ohio State sports. And, judging by the numbers of folks who are stopping by for nachos and stuff, we’re doing a pretty decent job. But every now and again we need to lift the curtain and let […]

Get involved- Vote for Lighty!

Sure, he’s been around longer than anyone can remember, but he still deserves recognition for his leadership! Be sure to go to the Lowe’s Senior Class award page and vote for #23 to win as the top senior men’s basketball player in the country. As of this evening, he was winning in a very close […]

Pay It Forward- Veterans' Day

“You can never pay back; but you can always pay forward”- Wayne Woodrow Hayes In sports, military metaphors get thrown around way too often. In football, particularly, we’re inundated with verbiage that reflects warfare- Athletes talk about being soldiers, the QB throws the bomb, the game is won in the trenches, ad infinitum. As Buckeye […]

Game From Obscurity

Toward the end of every week, tBBC brings you insight into a clash between two schools that you won’t see on ESPN. Small in stature, big in heart… Our regular readers may notice that one of the team has been less present as we’ve headed toward kickoff of the 2010 season. Yup, we’ve been doing […]