tBBC Radio Hour with Jason Winrow

Eric welcomes new tBBC member Jason Winrow with a podcast all his own! Jason played Offensive Line (Guard) for Ohio State from 1990-1993, eventually being drafted by the New York Giants. He now writes for us here at the BBC, as well as his own blog “The State of College Football”. Jason and Eric talk […]

March Madness and College Football

“For the first time in NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament History, there will be no #1 or #2 seed in the final four. As a matter of fact, we’re going to have either the second #8 in the final (Villanova) or the first #11.  This just goes to show how exciting playoffs could be for college […]

Silver Bullet Points Goes Shotgun

Given that it’s the start of bowl week, this’ll probably be more scattered than usual. If that’s even possible. Healing powers: Christian Bryant is back, baby, according to his Twitter and (most importantly) according to Tressel. This week in clothing: The Buckeyes will be wearing away jerseys in the Sugar Bowl.  Worked well last year… […]

The Week That Were: 10.02.10

From the “He started it!” files- This week, we join our friends at 11W in celebrating Oktoberfest and all it’s splendor. So, break out the lederhosen, get your sauerkraut all warmed up, and find grandma’s recipe for schnitzel… This weekend looked to be the best thus far in terms of quality matchups, but only a […]

Conference realignment = our best chance to get a playoff system

Earlier today, our old boss Jeff published a story at Fox Sports Ohio that takes on conference realignment.  Jeff believes that this is the best chance we have at getting a real playoff system installed at the top level of college football. Fans from schools like Auburn, Utah, Boise State, TCU, and Cincinnati have long […]