Compare and contrast – NCAA Allegations

UPDATE- We’ve incorporated all of the allegations into a table for those who prefer getting their information that way. Check it out here, or under the Media Table at the top right of the site. UPDATE 2- Georgia Tech’s case has been added to the article for completeness. (You need to click “read more” before […]

Silver Bullet Points- Reloaded

Like the annual haircut (whether needed or not), a new “look” makes a world of difference, no? Since all of the cool kids were getting new school clothes, we thought in only appropriate to join in on the blog couture arms race. Big thanks to Chad of Digital:Construct, an OSU alum who was great to […]

The USC saga continues

ESPiN is reporting that USC has hired a new Athletic Director to replace embattled veteran Mike Garrett.  Garrett, fairly or unfairly viewed as responsible for USC’s disasters off the Football Gridiron has been let go in place of former Trojan’s Quarterback Pat Haden, who also served with NBC covering Notre Dame Football.  Talk about your […]

The Buzz- LA reacts to USC Sanctions

Third post in our coverage of Southern Cal’s wonderful snuggle fiesta with the NCAA. Here’s your music: It’s been an interesting week here in Los Angeles, out on the far edge of the ocean. The Dodgers are doing well, Kobe and Friends are having fun at Bill Simmons’ expense, we’ve got earthquakes weekly, and we’re […]

Lessons Learned- USC Sanctions Edition

This is a follow up of the USC Sanctions reflections from yesterday. Onward… and sticking with our theme: Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the lessons learned in Heritage Hall– we won’t know what, if any, changes will occur within the administration of Southern Cal’s athletic program for months. To be honest, based on […]

USC Sanctions: Getting Specific

We got so many positive comments about the last soundtrack, let’s do it again: For the sake of analogies, Benny is NCAA and everyone else is either Southern Cal or their fanbase. If you haven’t already read the NCAA’s report, you should at least take the time to read through the summary. If that’s too […]

The Day of Reckoning is Nigh

Hang on… this one needs a soundtrack: According to the good folks over at ESPN, Southern Cal’s football team has received a two year ban from postseason play, in addition to scholarship reductions and forfeiting wins from at least their 2004 season. According to the LA Times, the Trojans will lose 20 scholarships in football, […]