Across the Web: Sparty Edition

This week THE Buckeyes will take on the other team from up North. For this week’s Across the Web we look to our friends at, who also joined us for last year’s chat. ES took some time from his busy schedule to answer our questions on Sparty. 1. Are MSU Fans excited about William […]

Rob Harley Is A… Spartan!

It’s not often that we here at tBBC celebrate great things that happen in East Lansing… well, there’s one regular occurrence, and we give major props to graduate work completed there (Eric- what’s taking so long?). That being said, today we are excited to announce that Coach Dantonio has added even more Buckeye to his […]

Silver Bullet Points Prepares For Harvest

Quick look at Tuesday’s press conference, Nebraska prep, and other news from the world of college sports: Buckeye 411 Injury update- Nathan Williams still out, Verlon Reed has torn his ACL and will be out for the season.  Yesterday, we were also informed that Melvin Fellows had been classified as a medical hardship, but there’s […]

Silver Bullet Points Locked And Loaded

  It’s finally here… the first SBP of the 2011 season. No more preseason talk, no more countdowns- it’s time to squeeze the trigger. Let’s do this. Buckeye 411 Injury update- Word is that the Buckeyes are healthy, with the exception of Jamaal Berry (nursing a hamstring). Tyler Moeller and Etienne Sabino have been practicing […]

Harley In The Huddle: D-Line Pressure

To affect the quarterback you’ve got to do 3 things: contain the QB, have great coverage, and pressure the throw. When you can get pressure with your four down linemen, it makes calling defenses simple.

Harley In The Huddle: Beating Cover 2

It’s up to the quarterback to get the ball to his playmakers where it hurts the defense the most, to get that done he must go through his pre-play checklist.

tBBC Radio Hour: M*ch*g*n Week

As the title suggests, it’s M*ch*g*n Week here at the Radio Hour! Jim joins me again to talk about the Iowa game, along with discussing what we might expect to see during The Game. And, making his Radio Hour debut, Rob Harley chats with me about Iowa, that school up north, and what this week […]

Harley In The Huddle: Inside Zone Blocking

Ohio State’s running game continues to dominate, thanks to the great work being done by the offensive line. Execution trumps everything in football, if you dominate the man across from you good things are bound to happen…especially in the run game!

Harley In The Huddle: Beating Cover Two

Good offenses dissect on the fly and exploit the defense’s weakness for big plays. In cover two it’s the safety and the corner that you have to target. Against Purdue, the Buckeyes put on a clinic showing the right way to make the defense wrong:

Harley In The Huddle: Bubble Screen Defense

Against Wisconsin, the Buckeyes struggled to stop the quick toss to the slot receiver- the bubble screen. Purdue tried to take advantage of this as well… let’s look at why it’s successful against Zone defenses, and how best to defend it:

Harley In The Huddle: Outside Zone

There’s been a lot of criticism of the Buckeye running game, both the execution and the play calling.  Let’s take a closer look at what needs to go right to have a successful ground attack:

Harley In The Huddle: Linebacker Play

The Buckeyes did a great job at shutting down Indiana’s running game because they followed their assignments and used their eyes. Let’s look at a mistake against Illinois to understand more about linebacker play:

Harley In The Huddle: Bear Punt

Against the Bobcats of Ohio, the Buckeyes saw a punt blocked; never a good situation. As Ohio State prepares to defend it’s Big Ten title, let’s examine what went wrong and what can go right for the punting unit.

Harley In The Huddle: Kickoff Coverage

Against Miami, the Buckeye’s problems on special teams made what should have been a blow out into a close game early on. Today and tomorrow we’ll be reviewing  the two areas that Ohio State struggled with, and talk about how what adjustments they can make against Big Ten competition.

Harley In The Huddle: Field Goal Protection

Since the first week of the season, the Buckeyes have had some struggles with the kicking game. Since “Tressel-ball” is based on solid performances in this area, let’s take a look at what happened and how Ohio State can address this heading into conference play:

Game From Obscurity

Toward the end of every week, tBBC brings you insight into a clash between two schools that you won’t see on ESPN. Small in stature, big in heart… Our regular readers may notice that one of the team has been less present as we’ve headed toward kickoff of the 2010 season. Yup, we’ve been doing […]

Rob Harley helps us to 34

There are only 34 days left until the start of the 2010 football season, meaning there’s precisely one person this day should be dedicated to: our very own Rob Harley. Rob Harley joined the Buckeyes as a walk-on in 2001 as a Safety from Elmhurst, Illinois.  He redshirted and spent 5 years at Ohio State, […]