Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Urban Meyer and More

There has been a lot of debate the last week as to how much the loss to Michigan hurts. Under ordinary circumstances, nobody on either side of the greatest rivalry in sports would want to lose the contest called “The Game.” As the seconds ticked off of the scUM’s first win in seven years over […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Twelve

Every season, anyone, who has any kind of writing commitment, will tell you at some point you hit a wall during a given season. It is up to every scribe to find what exactly it is that keeps him or her going, but for me, I usually draw my inspiration from on the field performances. […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Eleven

What is it about Ross-Ade Stadium? The stadium, with the obscenely big press box, always turns into a house of horrors when the Buckeyes take the field in on Purdue’s campus. Whatever you think plagued the scarlet and gray this past weekend, one theory that has been floated out there is the pressure of mistakes […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Ten

Fans are a fickle bunch. No pun intended, but there really is no way to tell from week to week what exactly the mood of Buckeye Nation. We are a moody bunch to say the least. I, for one, am normally an optimist. Five seasons inside the bubble that is the Ohio State football program […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Nine

Every player has that defining moment in their career. It is that moment where a player seizes the moment and changes the course of a game, a season, or even a career. Whether it was Joe Germaine’s last minute drive in the Rose Bowl, Eddie George against Notre Dame in the ‘Shoe, or Troy Smith […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A- Week Eight

There are winning games ugly, and then there is what Ohio State’s victory over Illinois was. Four total pass attempts, one completed pass, and plenty of runs made the Buckeyes’ win in Champaign about as unattractive as a win can get. The bye week provided plenty of retrospect for the team, the fans, and pundits […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Seven

If the great Charles Dickens were looking to write a sequel to “A Tale of Two Cities,” Luke Fickell and the Ohio State Buckeyes might want to add “A Tales of Two Halves” to the realm of possibilities. The Buckeyes reversed their offensive fortunes of a week ago against Michigan State, and the scarlet and […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Six

If there was ever a need for a demonstration of Murphy’s Law, Ohio State’s offense against Michigan State might be an apt tool to use. Everything that could go wrong for the Buckeyes did last Saturday when the scarlet and gray had possession of the football. Nothing went right, and any glimmer of hope that […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A, Week Five

“You are never as bad as you look, but you are never as good as you look either. The truth is you are somewhere in the middle.” It is an old sports adage that has elevated the feelings of a downtrodden team or brought the lofty dreams of a fan base crashing back to reality. […]