Weekend Wonderings: The James, Keeping It Local

Welcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings. The Buckeyes are hitting their stride and took another week off before preparing to host Rutgers for Homecoming. For our part, we’ll have a couple updates on The James, comment on some local, to me anyway, events and wrap it up with a song in our hearts. […]


TBDBITL Report: Band Impresses in Baltimore

When the Ohio State football team traveled to Baltimore on Saturday to take on Navy, they were not alone. In addition to the tens of thousands of Buckeye fans in attendance, the Ohio State University Marching Band also made the trip. The trip was a short but busy one for the band who boarded buses […]

TBDBITL: "Donk" Responds To The University

As with the other letters from TBDBITL members that we’ve posted, we have at this time removed the ability to comment on this piece, although you can send thoughts to us via email. Ed. Note- In 2012, I was privileged to share The Game with my wife and brothers… no easy feat for a California […]

TBDBITL Preview: Script Ohio

When the football team staged their come-from-behind victory last weekend at Northwestern, they did not have the band there with them to provide support for the first and only time this season.  Thanks to markedly increased funding this season, the Ohio State University Marching Band was able to afford to travel to more away games […]

Shots From The Shoe: SDSU

On gamedays, many fans don’t get the full experience around the stadium and actually in the crowd. So, I started this feature a couple years ago and enjoyed doing it in an independent blog before joining tBBC to give readers a taste of Columbus Saturdays It really never gets boring because there is always some […]

Shots from the 'Shoe: UCF

Growing up a Buckeye fan was one of the few things my dad and I had in common. We watched every game on TV or listen to it on the radio. Whether it was on TV or radio, we did whatever it took to make sure we caught the game. Unfortunately, I never got to […]

Silver Bullet Points Heads To Brown County

Time for the wrap up of college football news, updates from Coach Fickell’s Tuesday press conference and other notes from college football Buckeye 411 Captain, My Captain- Since it’s been a year of mystery in this department, why not make things even more interesting by not naming captains thus far in the week. As far […]