Jimmer Fredette not allowed to attend classes at BYU

Written April 13th, 2011 by Eric

Don't get distracted now.

This isn’t the NCAA violation that the headline makes it sound, however, its very much worth mentioning.

Wooden and Naismith award winner Jimmer Fredette, of BYU fame, has become such a celebrity at the school that his presence is a distraction in class. To that end, the University has requested that he no longer attend classes like a normal student, and instead finish his course work online.

It’s worth pointing out that BYU’s academic year ends earlier than just about any other university in the nation. Next week is finals for them, meaning that Fredette will miss about 4 or 5 days of class at most (assuming the news leaked not much later than the decision was made). That’s not a fatal result for a student in any scenario. It’s also worth noting that they are allowing him to complete his coursework.

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