Silver Bullet Points Heads To Brown County

Time for the wrap up of college football news, updates from Coach Fickell’s Tuesday press conference and other notes from college football Buckeye 411 Captain, My Captain- Since it’s been a year of mystery in this department, why not make things even more interesting by not naming captains thus far in the week. As far […]

Shawn Springs and Tyson Gentry Day!

I’ve been watching Ohio State games (and practices) on the Big Ten Network all week (mostly on my DVR), and I’m getting fired up for the season. You? We’re down to 24 days until we kickoff the 2009 season. Starting soon, we’ll be doing previews of each game, setting up our liveblog promotion, and generally […]

John Cooper remembered – And NOT in a good way

This morning, our old friends at Eleven Warriors published a brilliant piece on John Cooper and his recent induction in the College Football Hall Of Fame. Of course, you can’t write a Cooper-based piece with using the numbers 2, 10, and 1. 11W did that. Sprinkled around the article is a list of Coop’s accomplishments, […]