Shots from the Schott…Indiana

Written January 16th, 2012 by Joe Laing

Meyer and his crew

It has been awhile since the last shots from the Schott article, but all these early weekday games and blowouts haven’t left much time for any good info other than “hey, we looked great and blew another team out at home.” We have had one game at home that we didn’t win by double digits. That was the Florida game, which was a 7 point victory. Today marked the 2nd smallest win on the season at home and it was a 17 point spread.

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Weekend Shots from the Schott

Written December 13th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Usually, we reserve “Shots” for game experience recaps.  However, given Meyer Mayhem, here’s some whispers and stuff that Joe’s been hearing:

After three straight days of being at the Schott I overheard and saw quite a few things.


  • Football recruiting is turning up and in full force. Positive news coming out about Tommy Schutt, Jordan Diamond, Kyle Dodson, SeVon Pittman. Sounds like all should be Buckeyes!!! Look for updates as the week goes on (ed- Joe wrote this on Sunday… two down, two to go). As of know next weekend should include Cyrus Jones and Noah Spence.
  • Talked to an ex-player who said it has been ratcheted up a few notches in terms of intensity. Meyer has them working like they’ve never seen before. Expect a different looking bunch in the Gator Bowl.

Use The Bench, Thad!


  • The chatter wasn’t about being upset about the loss- it went back to what we have heard about in the past in terms of Matta’s struggle with his in-game rotation. It was easy to see that Thomas and Craft were struggling to catch their breath at times and everyone was wondering why no Weatherspoon. I heard that he was in to speak to Thad about it today. I feel that he could have provided a spark off the bench.
  • Players were upbeat and back to work. Early season losses don’t hurt nearly as bad in basketball as they do in football.
  • The other comments were that with Sully it is a 10 pt victory for the good guys.
  • Michael Redd was in to work out driving his Ferrari. Doesn’t sound like he wants to come back to Ohio to play ball. So Cavs fans don’t get your hopes up. Read More

Shots From The Schott: View From The “Q”

Written March 22nd, 2011 by Joe Laing

After coming across tickets at the last minute, Joe was able to make the trip north and gives us the inside scoop from the game…

Important milestone, and beginning of an amazing day!

  • Want to start off with congratulating the 4 buckeyes receiving their diplomas-  David, Dallas, Jon, and Nikola.
  • Lighty with the 7 threes! Everytime he hit one, the place exploded. Wonder of Diebler was worried for his record?
  • You think Craft’s 15 assists were better than DLights 7 3′s? Arguable, if you ask me…
  • Sullinger, Buford, Diebler all with solid games to compliment Lighty’s night.
  • The substitution pattern?  I liked it, but was something that we hadn’t seen all year.  Didn’t quite match Marquette substitution pattern in game two.  I felt like I was watching a hockey game with all the line changes.
  • How about that 50-15 run after being down 11-2?

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Shots from the Schott- Badger Hunting

Written March 7th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Joe is back with his last installment of Shots from Schott for the season as the Buckeyes capped off a 29-2 regular season with a 93-65 win over the Wisconsin Buzzcuts. In case you missed it, here’s video that kicked it off

  • 28 pt win, scoring over 90+ points and 14-15, 3 point range,   That is dealing with it!!!!
  • Finished the season 20-0 at home, which puts us at 37-1 over the last two seasons.  Ohio State has strung together 22 consecutive home wins.
  • Really starting to get a big time atmosphere at the Schott.  Putting the students on the sidelines was still the best decision we have made in the history of the building.
  • The game marked the 5th sell out of the season and easily the most intense crowd of the season.  The crowd was up all game long, with lots to cheer about- Matta described it as “40 minutes of third down intensity”
  • Not only were there real fireworks at the Schott today, but there were plenty of fireworks in the game as well.  Streamers at the end, as well as a nice presentation of the Big Ten trophy.

Adam Jardy FTW!

  • What a senior day for 3 seniors that will be missed!
  • Lighty, what a great player, and will go down as a Buckeye great for everything he has done for Ohio State basketball.  Glad to see him have a big game today.
  • Thriebler! “He’s On Fire!!!!“  He is 17 for his last 20, and was 7-8 for the game, but he was the only one to miss one today which he received a little bit of flak from Lighty in post game.
  • Overheard in postgame notes. Dallas commenting on Diebler and how he was about cry, but he made a joke to keep him from crying.

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Shots from the Schott

Written February 28th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Joe is back with the vibe from yesterday’s double header @ the Schott

Thank you, Seniors (clap, clap, clapclapclap)

  • Are the women back on track?  They are sure playing like it after the smackdown of Wisky.  They must fill the hatred that the men’s team is feeling toward the Wisconsin Buzzcuts.
  • We are 36-1 in our last 37 home games over the past 2 years.  And 19-0 this year is our best home record ever!  We will go for 20-0 next weekend against Wisky.
  • Talk about a big time atmosphere for the men’s game.  Another sold out game, AJ Hawk, Bobby Carpenter and others in the house!

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Shots from the Schott

Written February 16th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Giving us the low down from courtside, Joe is back with a look in from the win against MSU.

  • The Schott was rockin!  Lots of faces in the crowd:  Mike Doss, Brian Brown, Bill Hoskett,  controversial ESPN talking head Kirk Herbstreit, were the ones that I saw.  Snookie and Miley Cyrus as well.  Well, their big poster heads.
  • I’m hearing that JD Weatherspoon should be back come Big Ten Conference time frame.  He was in attendance tonight.
  • Diebler is one three-ball away from tying the conference career record, and two from breaking it. West Lafayette, anyone?
  • Nice bounce back after the loss to Wisky.  Wisky is really becoming our most hated team.  It wasn’t the fact that we lost a regular season game but moreso who we lost to.  But I loved the point that was made, in that they are so happy about beating the #1 team in both football and basketball, but I would rather be the #1 team rather than beating the #1 team.

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Shots from the Schott

Written February 4th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Joe’s finally recovered from last night’s game, and gives us the low down on what was happening inside the arena, including the University president looking the part of a Buckeye fan:

  • Another sell out!  Man it is a great scene when the Schott is sold out and rockin! Parking was a mess, but it’s worth it for the crowd we had.
  • Craft is such a sweet player.  He looks like he is 10 years old, according to a couple fans I talked to at the game.  They photoshopped Justin Bieber’s haircut on him during one of the timeouts on the big screen.
  • Matta didn’t know that he didn’t sub in the second half?  From a coaching standpoint that is unacceptable.
  • Free Throws.  They are called free for a reason, but if you miss them, then the defense can consider that a stop while not playing good defense.
  • Undefeated season?  That talk is still out there.
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Shots from the Schott

Written January 20th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Joe checks in to chat about the “vibe” from Buckeye home games this year…

Send it home!!!

Send it home!!!

  • The basketball team has now won more games ranked #1 than the Football team. Who knew?
  • Not a sell out, but a Wednesday 6:30 game, with 15,000 in the stands is hard to do against a lowly Iowa team.
  • New jerseys.  How sweet were those!  I loved the white ones, but the gray ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Diebs burned all of his 3′s in warm-ups.  Didn’t miss a shot.  And then, he went 1-8 in the game.
  • 44 total turnovers between the 2 teams.  We had 20, about 10 too many.
  • 19 games in and Deshaun Thomas got into double digits in assists!
  • Nice to see Sibert get some time.  Only 4 guys over 30 minutes tonight, but much more spread out.
  • Great Defense. Holding a team under 50 pts is not easy.
  • 19-0 going to Illinois this weekend.  It is what I predicted.  Lets see what happens this weekend.