54K? That's Adorable

Shots From The ‘Shore: Rutgers

If you get the chance to go to the birthplace of College Football, you’ve got to take it, right? So, thanks to a friend’s dad who is a proud Rutgers Alumni, your humble correspondent headed from coast to coast to watch the Buckeyes do the same to the Scarlet Knights. Great weekend made even better […]

COLUMBUS, OH - SEPTEMBER 12:  Ezekiel Elliott #15 of the Ohio State Buckeyes scores on a 1-yard touchdown run past Jerrol Garcia-Williams #2 of the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors in the first quarter at Ohio Stadium on September 12, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.  (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

Shots From The Shoe: Hawaii vs. Ohio State

107,145 Buckeye faithful made their way to Ohio Stadium for the home opener against the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. While setting the tone this season, by being the 4th biggest crowd in Ohio Stadium history. Thanks to our very own Clair Crawford and WvABuckeye we are bring you the best sights and sounds from the ‘Shoe […]


Shots From The ‘Ship: B1G Champions!

As always, we’re grateful when one or more of our team shares with us photos from their Buckeye Experience… and when readers do the same! This time, a few friends of tBBC join Patrick in sending us snapshots… Patrick has been to every conference championship in Indy, so it was great to have him finally […]


Shots From The ‘Shoe: The Game

A momentous, yet bittersweet win on Saturday… here are some of the great shots from our friends who made it to The Game. Special thanks to Chris Robinson, one of our G+ page partners!


Shots From The ‘Shoe: Indiana

The Buckeyes started slow but found their way… here are great photos from our staff and friends who braved the ice and saw Ohio State win its third straight divisional title.


Shots From The Shoe: Illinois

Jason and WVa braved the cold and helped the Buckeyes defend the turtle- here’s a quick look at the day in Columbus!


Shots From The ‘Shoe: Rutgers

For those of us sitting at home Saturday wishing we could be at Homecoming- here’s a quick look at the pregame festivities before the Knight Dismantling began: If you’ve got photos from Buckeye games you’d like to share, you know what to do!

Team entrance has a little more spunk with new tunnel and smoke. Not too bad from my new location either.

Shots From The ‘Shoe: Virginia Tech

Saturday was one of those types of game-days that you just new something special was going on in playing Virginia Tech for the first time and in the Shoe. Campus was busy with a lot of fans and most especially Tech fans who made the trip: They were definitely in full force and ready to […]

Trip of a Lifetime

Shots From The Shoe: Trip of A Lifetime

Typically, we’ll have a “report” from the bleachers on Sunday Nights… what was the fan experience at Saturday’s game. This week, though, we’ve got so much more, as you’ll see. When the 2014 Ohio State football schedule was released, my friend Phil and I both saw the exact same thing. OSU playing Navy in Baltimore […]

Shots from the 'Shoe: Penn State

Scott gives us his thoughts on a great evening in Columbus, while WVa provides the pictures! Night games at Ohio Stadium never get old. I have been to five of the 14 prime time games, including the last three. Always looked forward to them. Always enjoyed the party atmosphere. Maybe it was the cold weather, […]

Shots From the Shoe: FAMU

I like noon games about half as much as Coach Meyer does, which seems to be none at all! First and foremost it is probably very difficult to get up and get prepared for a noon game, even at home in

Behind Enemy Lines: Bucks Conquer Berkeley

In lieu of “Shots From The ‘Shoe” this week, here’s what the day was like for Ohio State fans as the team was on the road. We’ve covered the ins and outs on the field, this is more of a travelogue from gameday. Seemingly like the rest of Buckeye Nation, I made the trek north […]

Shots From The Shoe: SDSU

On gamedays, many fans don’t get the full experience around the stadium and actually in the crowd. So, I started this feature a couple years ago and enjoyed doing it in an independent blog before joining tBBC to give readers a taste of Columbus Saturdays It really never gets boring because there is always some […]

Shots From The 'Shoe: Buffalo

We’re lucky to have several staffers who have either gameday assignments at Ohio Stadium or season tickets. After each home game, we’ll get you some quick thoughts “from the cheap seats”. As I awoke around 3:30am Saturday morning, my excitement for what the day held overtook my desire and need to go back to sleep. […]

Shots from the Shoe – The Game

What a long and full day of excitement. Nothing will ever replace or beat my experiences in 2002(I don’t think), but this came very close to being as enjoyble. There was so much happening after THE Game in 2002 that really the best part that I remember is being on the field with 100,000 screaming […]

Shots From the Shoe – Illinois

No company with me on the drive up and the chance to think long and hard about just how much I despise the Illini brought back some bad memories. Mostly it’s just the fans and some past players but specifically it was the happenings after they upset us in 2007. We were the #1 team […]

Shots from the Shoe – 106,120

It’s amazing isn’t it? That in the history of the stadium, and all of the great match-ups that have taken place there, it took the last time we’ll see Nebraska until 2017 to set a new attendance record over the likes of TTUN, Texas and USC. I am sure homecoming and the fact that there […]

Shots from the Shoe – UAB

The day started off great getting an opportunity to meet up with Roy Hall again and bringing Gary Russell with me. This time I made sure that we got a picture worth displaying as my Twitter AVI. Big thank you to Roy for humoring us and taking part in O-H-I-O. Gary, Rob, and I have […]

Shots From the Shoe – Cal

The life of an Ohio Stadium Usher can be interesting to say the least, especially for someone like me who lives two hours away. Due to being a high school football official and working all over the state, I can get home pretty late on Fridays,  only to get up at 5:30am to head to […]