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tBBC Alumni Interact: Founder Jeff, Former Editors Mali and Ken

It’s the tenth anniversary of the night that Jeff created the Buckeye Battle Cry in his mothers basement, and what a better way to celebrate it than including the three people who helped make it what it is today. Jeff spent years building and burping his baby until handing over to Mali who was our […]

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TBBC Fans Interact: Ohio State Versus TTUN

This week’s fans were lobbed a big, fat slow pitch softball, to steal a term from another sport. The Buckeyes fired on all cylinders against their biggest rival on Saturday and our participants had plenty to say! Big thank you to Micah @micaht22, Chris @chris_drake! Please give them a follow on twitter. Did the Buckeyes […]

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tBBC Fans Interact: Ohio State Versus Sparty

Taking some time to let things diffuse and enjoy the week approaching the Rivalry game with TTUN may be just what the doctor ordered. We assembled a good group of fans this week to say their piece and to be brutally honest! Huge thank you to Ryan @BuckeyeEmpire,Justin @Jus10Dam. After the loss, there’s been a […]

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TBBC Fans Interact: Ohio State Versus Illinois

I have a lot of fun interacting with Buckeye fans on Twitter. There have been a pretty good group of opinions each week and this week is no different! I have finally gotten all of my family involved as my son @TheeRobMac, Patrick @debbiecat4 and Mike


TBBC Awards: Ohio State Versus Illinois

With J.T. Barrett back at the helm this week, the Buckeyes didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard. The Silver Bullets were back to form and Ezekiel Elliott continues to roll along becoming the second best to ever carry the pigskin for Ohio State. Let’s take a look at the staff’s picks for this weeks awards. […]

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Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin’: Minnesota vs. Ohio State

I didn’t have the opportunity to see the game Saturday night so I will just touch on some brief points to ponder. Huge shout-out to all the fellas for jumping in with both feet each week and making this a fun feature! Let’s get rolling with the good. Rumblin’ I have to give props to […]

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TBBC Fans Interact: Rutgers

My grandmother told me when I was young that women will take over the world someday. She lived a long life and was in the business side of the plastics industry. She for the most part worked in a man’s world at the time so she probably knew what she was talking about! This week […]

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TBBC Fans Interact: Ohio State Versus Penn State

Some of our participants have had some slow pitch softballs lobbed at them and others have been given an easy game to say their piece about. Even though it was a good win by the Buckeyes, this week’s crew had some interesting takes on the situations that occurred during the win. Huge shout out to […]


TBBC Awards: Ohio State vs. Penn State

Here are this week’s awards for The Buckeye Battle Cry staff, after a 38-10 win over the Penn State Nittany Lions. Offensive tOSU Offensive MVP MDotySr –  JT. Barrett played his arse off and maybe into a new starter! Joe – J.T. Barrett might have played his most efficient game of his career. That’s saying […]

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tBBC Fans Interact: Ohio State vs Maryland

I am really enjoying the interaction that is taking place between me and the twitter peeps who agree to be a part of this weekly article. I find that I am paying more attention to what they are saying on game-days just so I have a feel for what they’ll be saying come Wednesday. The […]

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Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin’: Maryland vs. Ohio State

It’s kind of remarkable what a couple little tweaks and changes can do for a football team. The competition at quarterback has never been higher at Ohio State and that includes the era in which Coach Cooper struggled to decide between Joe Germaine and Stanley Jackson (I loved Stan BTW and still do!). The lack of […]

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TBBC Fans Interact: Thoughts On Indiana Hoosiers

Huge shout-out to  @mmeals  @micahmike33 qstorm@ – Really the same problem that seems to have plagued the offense all season so far:  Execution and play-calling.  First of all let me preface that I am a big Urban fan and trust him very much so; my thoughts and opinions are strictly from a fan perspective as an outsider looking in. […]

of the Ohio State Buckeyes against the Indiana Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium on October 3, 2015 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Buckeyes Survive Another Near Nightmare In Bloomington

1st Quarter A very game Indiana squad opened the game with high intensity and stopped the Buckeyes dead in their tracks on the first three and out series. The Hoosiers didn’t have much success themselves on offense early. Then they found the hole they needed with a long pass play to their TE and settled […]

Rumblin' Stumblin'


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Shoe, Northern Illinois comes to town and puts the scare of a lifetime into Buckeye fans and exposes a few serious issues right now. One may be resolved and the other? Sadly, the staff issue won’t fix itself overnight, but hopefully the woeful […]



The #1 Buckeyes (3-0, 0-0) host the MAC’s Western Xichigan Broncos (1-2, 0-0) this Saturday at 3:30 PM in The Shoe. The game becomes the watermark leading up to the contest with now #2 Sparty (won 37-24 on 9/4) on November 21st. If the Buckeyes haven’t righted the ship by this weekend, they could lose […]


Wednesday Night Rumble: Complete the Mission

The Game has come and gone. The regular season is over. A lot has happened and changed since August when the 2014 campaign began. A lot has changed since Saturday, November 29th. We’ll get into it. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble! The Game For three quarters the 2014 rendition of The Game was eerily reminiscent of […]


Wednesday Night Rumble: The Road To Indianapolis

A little bit of thunder mixed with some lightning and whole lot of explosions were the ingredients to a Sparty beat-down in East Lansing on Saturday. Don’t tell me what the score was, we all know what we saw with our own eyes: The Ohio State Buckeyes battled and eventually owned the Michigan State Spartans. It had […]


Wednesday Night Rumble: You Can’t Sit With Us!

I think it’s safe to say that Rutgers was what we all thought it would be but just didn’t want to admit for fear of not taking it “one game at a time.” The Buckeyes came out on fire and cruised to a 56-17 win over the Big Ten’s newly minted Scarlet Knights. In 2014 […]