Game number 9!

First, a couple of quick announcements…. -No third video this week. I had to make a choice last night on what to do with my evening. I chose playing board games with my daughter (and my friend Janessa), and decided that two videos was enough for the week. -I actually got a full night’s sleep […]

Sleepless night? Not tonight!!!

Normally, I’m sleepless on the night before a game. Not tonight!!! I have to leave at 6am to get to Columbus. Me and Ambien…we’re good friends tonight. See you at the Shoe.

Another sleepless night before a game

As my loyal readers know, I usually can’t sleep before a Buckeyes game. This will prove to be a problem next week, when my daughter and I will have to wake up at 6am to head to Columbus to see the Indiana game….but that’s next week. So I’m preparing to be up late tonight. I’ll […]

Tomorrow's game

It’s the night before a game. Guess what I am having trouble with??? Yep. I can’t sleep. Oh, well. It’s a night game. I’ll sleep during the Akron/Kent State game….just like all the fans of the Golden Flashes.

The inaugural BBC post

The night before a big Ohio State game, I find it difficult to fall asleep. When I do finally drift off, it’s a hard sleep, but it never lasts very long. I often will wake up at 5am and have trouble getting to sleep again. This is my curse, and I am living it again […]