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Written June 4th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

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Buckeye News

“There is no scintilla of evidence related to 90 percent of those kids listed in the Sports Illustrated article that they did anything wrong,” James said. “That’s the way it’s going to turn out, I believe. It’s just irresponsible reporting.”


  • The University of North Carolina expects to get their Notice of Allegations from the NCAA in June, stemming from the issues that surfaced last summer.  This says two things to me; either UNC’s situation is really significant and it’s taken a long time to root it out, or Ohio State has done a great job at working with the NCAA to address the issue (discovered in January/NOA a few months later).
  • The big news yesterday was the SEC’s decision to change their recruiting guidelines. First, the good- Medical exemptions will be reviewed at the conference level (say goodbye to Dr. Saban’s practice). Also, transfers of graduate students will not be allowed if they only have one year of elligibility remaining (No more Jeremiah Masoli to Mississippi situations). Finally, they’ve opened the door for a “national conversation” rather than just a “conference by conference”.  More on this in a bit.
  • And now, the bad- The conference voted to reduce the “signing cap” from 28 to 25. While this was hailed as big news, the fact of the matter is that a team with only 10 available scholarships shouldn’t be able to sign 25 student athletes- as our friends at point out. Huge kudos to their work- it’s only because of media pressure that this is even being discussed.
  • Jeff Shultz from the Atlanta Journal Constitution agrees that the SEC’s “decision” is mostly just PR:

Let me translate: Coaches now have a lower limit as to how unethical and morally reprehensible they can be. Feel better? This was sort of like the real SEC passing a rule: “We recognize that insider trading is a problem. So we’re going to cap profits from said illegal transactions at $2.7 million.”

  • And for your daily dose of arrogance:

“So I’m very pleased that the league is where it is today, and I’m proud of the step we’ve taken really in a leadership role nationally to deal with this bigger concept of roster management.”

Actually, the leadership role in this was taken in 1956, when the Big Ten banned signing more recruits than a team had openings for. Fifty five years ago.

Silver Bullet Points Gives You The Info

Written June 1st, 2011 by MaliBuckeye
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NCAA InVESTigation

  • According to several sources, folks from the University and the NCAA team met individually with the players named in the SI report today.
  • Additionally, according to 97.1, the NCAA will also meet with Dohrmann’s source, “Ellis”. Speculation abounds as to the important aspect of their conversation.

Other Buckeye News

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Ohio State Accepts Resignation of Jim Tressel

Written May 30th, 2011 by josephldexter

Today was supposed to be the day before the storm. The day before the story was unfolded in a Sports Illustrated article about the dubious acts of Ohio State’s head football coach. A full timeline was to be laid out to the nation dating back before Jim Tressel’s time at Ohio State.

Now we jump forward to the reality that is handling the pressure of media, friends and administration of the university.

Jim Tressel has resigned as head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Just as quickly and undeniably odd as the downturn for the coach started, this Memorial Day marks the end of a football era.

Tressel, whose resignation letter was accepted by the university today, will go down as one of the most peculiar cases in NCAA history. His winning percentage was better than the legendary Woody Hayes. He brought home a championship, and was runner up in two others. But since December a new light has shined on the man who went 9-1 against Michigan in his tenure. No matter what is painted on the canvas though, Tressel made it clear in his resignation that his love for the fans and his team is the number one reason in stepping back.

“After meeting with University officials, we agreed that it is in the best interest of Ohio State that I resign as head football coach,” said Tressel. “The appreciation that Ellen and I have for the Buckeye Nation is immeasurable.”

Upon receiving the resignation, President Gordon Gee decided after meeting with the board of trustees that this was the best thing for the University.

“In consultation with the senior leadership of the Board of Trustees, I have been actively reviewing matters attendant to our football program, and I have accepted Coach Tressel’s resignation,” said President E. Gordon Gee. “The University’s enduring public purposes and its tradition of excellence continue to guide our actions.”

The tradition and excellence will now be handed down to one Luke Fickell for at least one season. The interim tag will be slapped on and after this upcoming football season, a new head football coaching search will begin.

Athletics Director Gene Smith, who had full confidence in Jim Tressel through this whole stretch, now places that faith in a young and hungry football coach.

“We look forward to refocusing the football program on doing what we do best – representing this extraordinary University and its values on the field, in the classroom, and in life,” said Smith. “We look forward to supporting Luke Fickell in his role as our football coach. We have full confidence in his ability to lead our football program.”

In a whirlwind of transgression, the man we have known as the senator leaves this program with no power or authority, and his tail trapped between his legs.

Jim Tressel will always be remembered for what he brought to Ohio State University’s football program.

Let’s just hope its the championships, winning records and life changing moments that are embraced over time, and not the last six months that have been a heartache for fans, players and Tressel himself.

Today was like an unexpected breakup or divorce. You don’t want it to happen, and things could definitely work out. But because of outside circumstances out of your control, it’s time to move on.

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with another fantastic edition of the Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour, and it’s certainly one you don’t want to miss- a special “show me the money” episode.

Mali talks to “The Wiz of Odds”, Jay Christensen from the blog They discuss Jay’s research into the financial realities of the college post-season, and the impact this has on the sport as a whole.

First up is none other than Mr. Jonathan Wells, Ohio State running back from 1998-2001. Jonathan weighs in with Eric on the recent Big Ten discussion of extra support for athletes, the current situation of OSU Football, and his perspective on Coach Tressel.  He and Eric talk a bit about his take on Nebraska joining the conference, and he also lets us in on what he’s currently up to, including his Record Label (From the Ground Up Records) and coffee interests.

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