Ohio State Blows Away Ohio U 43-7

Written September 18th, 2010 by Eric

Brian Rolle can fly. Who knew?

The Ohio Bobcats rolled into Columbus today to take on the Buckeyes and hopefully challenge them the same way that they did back in 2008.  The Buckeyes weren’t having any of it as they raced out to a 43-0 lead before giving up a late touchdown in trash time to end the game with the 43-7 victory.  Terrelle Pryor had another solid game with 22 receptions on 29 attempts for 235 yards and 2 touchdowns, though he threw his first 2 interceptions of the year.

The Ohio offense started out very poorly.  After a short running play up the middle, Bates tossed a quick passing play to the left side of the field.  Devon Torrence made a fantastic play on the ball by batting it into the air for Tyler Moeller to come down with.  The interception gave the Buckeye offense fantastic field position.  Unfortunately, after picking up a great game on their first play with a pass to Jake Stoneburner, the Buckeyes squandered their chance and was forced to kick a field goal in the red zone.

The Buckeye defense continued to be aggressive.  With the Bobcats pinned close to their endzone due to a block in the back penalty on the return, the Silver Bullets made the most of the situation by not allowing Ohio any room to move the ball.  On the ensuing possession the Bucks found plenty of room to move the ball.  As usual, the offense promptly moved the ball into the redzone with confidence and authority.  What was unusual was that Pryor found Saine over the middle for the Touchdown.  It was exactly the kind of pass that Pryor needed in order to build confidence in his arm in scoring position.

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Jersey Scrimmage Notes

Written August 21st, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Today’s Ohio State’s jersey scrimmage was won by the offense, but the real news continues to be the development of the team in preparation for the season’s start.

T. Wash snagged the only TD of the game on a 25 yard pass from Pryor. Taurian is looking strong thus far, but did have a few of the drops that have plagued him in the past.

Pryor was unable to scramble effectively- not due to the defense, but due to the limitations placed on him by the coaching staff. While the defense had an amazing day, you’ve got to wonder if knowing TP wouldn’t be running didn’t impact that a bit.  According to Tim May, Terelle had a 10-21 day passing for 150 yards, one TD and no interceptions.

The defense was missing both of the starters at corner, yet Travis Howard and Corey Brown were impressive as replacements. In addition, Ross Homan left the scrimmage mid way though with a hamstring injury, and Andrew Sweat moved from Sam and Sabino filled in well. It sounds as if the starting LB position is still up for grabs, and it’s encouraging that both Sweat and Sabino are more than capable.

Dane Sanzenbacher also sat out today (savor the irony), and Posey continues to shine. Of the running backs, Jordan Hall stood out, while Jamaal Berry led statistically with 66 yards and 16 carries. The only fumble of the day came off the hands of Brandon Saine.

Believe it or not, the tight ends had five catches for 75 yards. I guess what we’re hearing about throwing the ball more is accurate.  Don’t tell Woody.

Information for this gathered from the Dispatch, the Plain Dealer, Bucknuts, the OZone, our friend Josh Winslow, and lots of great Twitter feeds. Be sure to follow us: tBBC

Fall Practice Rundown

Written August 13th, 2010 by Eric

Orhian Johnson closely follows Sanzo

Fall camp always seems to produce the juiciest news of the year and this year has been no different.  For the next couple weeks I will be scouring the Buckeye-sphere for all the interesting tidbits to share.

So far there has been almost nothing but good news coming out of the WHAC.  Obviously the loss of Duron Carter plus the confusion regarding TE Nic DiLillo’s situation stings a little, but everything else has been overwhelmingly positive thus far.  Let’s take a look.


  • Mike Adams and Andrew Miller are continuing their battle for the starting Left Tackle spot.  The positive spin on this is that we have 2 interchangeable players at the position in case of injuries or exhaustion.  The negative spin is that neither player has displayed enough to put them over top of the other.  The rest of the line goes LG: Justin Boren, C: Mike Brewster, RG: Bryant Browning, RT: JB Shugarts.  Surprising, right?
  • The offensive line is (hopefully) starting to look better than it has since before the 2006 (and perhaps earlier) season.  That may have something to do with the experienced, talented blood we now have on the line; it may also have to do with having to defend beasts like Cameron Heyward, Nathan Williams, and their ilk on a daily basis in practice.  All we know, though, is that the offense was able to move the ball effectively during practice and seemed to give Pryor plenty of time in the pocket to find open receivers.

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Chicks Dig Offensive Skills

Written September 2nd, 2009 by Jim

This post is going to be a brief look at the rest of the positions that I have not covered yet on offense. I would like to go over them more in depth, but I am running out of time.

So, if you are craving in depth, take a look at my previous entries covering:


Offensive Tackles

Guards and Centers

Defensive Tackles and

Defensive Ends

For the rest, look here. I guess I will start at the top.


Is good.

Is good.

The QB story at Ohio State begins and ends with #2. He has recieved so much coverage over the past two years that I will keep this brief. Terrelle Pryor can run, but can he improve as a passer? If he can, things will be awesome. Even if he stays the same as a passer (all indications are that he has improved drastically) things will still be pretty sweet.

Redshirt sophomore Joe Bauserman (#14) and  true freshman Kenny Guiton (#13) are the backups. I don’t have much to say about them. Guiton is probably a year or two away from being ready to play and Bauserman is servicable but unspectacular.


A pair and a spare, that is what to look for here.

#1 Daniel ‘Boom’ Herron (redshirt sophomore) and #3 Brandon Saine (junior) are the pair looking to replace the departed Beanie Wells. Herron performed admirably in limited action last year as a redshirt freshman (89 carries, 439 yards, 6 TDs) while Saine spent last year off the radar for the most part due to injuries.

Herron reminds me a lot of Antonio Pittman while Saine has great straight line speed and the ability to break tackles, but he doesn’t have much in the way of elusiveness.

Here Herron continues the Buckeye tradition of breaking off a long touchdown run again tsun.

Herron continues the Buckeye tradition of breaking off a long touchdown run again tsun.

I look for Herron to be the main guy this year, but Saine looked good in the spring and it wouldn’t be surprising if both backs saw extensive action this year. I think the two compliment each other nicely and I expect the pair to eclipse 1000 yards easily. If either does so individually it would be a mild surprise.

Battling to be the spare are #4 Jaamal Berry (5’11″ 195 lbs.)and #29 Jordan Hall (5’10″ 190 lbs.) who are both true freshman.

Berry has apparently been hindered by the lingering effects of off season surgery and Hall has taken advantage. I look for Hall to get more carries than Berry at the beginning of the year but both players are fully capable of contributing and provide a nice change of pace (both are very quick and elusive) in the backfield. There is a possibility that whoever loses the competition to be the third back will redshirt.

Hall looks to be the 3rd back this year.

Hall looks to be the 3rd back to start the year.

Also worth nothing is that Hall was a teammate of Pryor’s in high school.

Providing a big back look will be redshirt freshman Jermil Martin (6’0″ 227 lbs.) who wears #41. Martin moved to RB from fullback following Carlos Hyde’s failure to qualify academically. He may get some looks in short yardage or goal line situations, but I don’t think he will get many carries when it is all said and done.

I think that the RBs will be a pleasant surprise this year for those expecting a significant drop off following the departure of Beanie to the NFL, especially if the O-Line improves. It should be fun to see who steps up and performs on Saturday.


Fullback will be manned by a duo of true freshman younger brothers this year. #44 Zach Boren is the younger brother of Justin Boren and #49 Adam Homan is the younger brother of Ross Homan. I don’t think that OSU will utilize the fullbacks very much this year, but Tressel called the younger Boren his surprise player of fall camp and he is listed as the starter at FB going into the Navy game. At 6’1″ and 255 pounds it should be fun to watch him smash people lead blocking.

The Boren Brothers.

The Boren Brothers.


#8 DeVier Posy (6’3″ 205 lbs. sophomore) and #12 Dane Sanzenbacher (5’11″ 175 lbs. junior) are the starters, which is what everyone expected. Sanzenbacher is a slot guy in the mold of Anthony Gonzales and is the leading returner at receiver (21 catches, 272 yards, 1 TD). He has good hands and isn’t afraid to go across the middle, but he isn’t exactly a game breaker. Posey has great size and ability, but didn’t show very much last year (11 catches, 117 yards, 1 TD). He can be a great one, but I will wait and see before I label him as such.

Listed as the backups are #9 Duron Carter (6’2″ 190 lbs. freshman, which are extremely outdated numbers) and #5 Taurian Washington (6’2″ 179 lbs. junior).

First of all, good for Taurian Washington , I hope he is able to make a splash during an actual game this year after looking like a top reciever in each of the last two spring games.

Second of all, Duron Carter, WOW. He is quickly becoming one of the players that I am the most excited about watching this year. Carter has excelent size and superb hands and has impressed everyone in the off season and during fall camp. It looks like Carter might be a big time contributor right away.



I look for Posey, Sanzenbacher, Washington and Carter to be the starters in four reciever sets, with #82 Ray Small (5’11″ 180 lbs. senior) being a wild card. It doesn’t look like Small is out of the doghouse yet following some off season academic issues, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t get significant reps by the end of the season (barring further off the field issues).

I don’t want to make any predictions about the productivity of our recivers this year, as that depends a lot on how well Pryor and the offensive line perform, but the Buckeyes have plenty of players that are capable of replacing the Brians (Hartline and Robiskie) from the 2008 team, and the depth may even be improved.


There has been a lot of talk about using the tight ends more in the offense this year, which happens every off season. I will believe it when I see it. The starter is #86 Jake Ballard, who is big (6’6″ 256 lbs.) and has good hands. Ballard will be a steady presence at TE this year.

Show it off while you can big guy.

Show it off while you can big guy.

#11 Jake Stoneburner (6’5″ 230 lbs. redshirt freshman) is listed as the backup at TE and is a converted WR who could present some serious matchup problems for defenses. Will OSU take advantage of said matchup problems? Once again I’ll believe it when I see it.

If the offense looks to the TEs as much as in the past (11 catches for tight ends last year), take conselation in the fact that Ballard is a good blocker.

Also worth noting is that #92 Todd Denlinger (6’2″ 292 lbs. 5th year senior) is seeing time at TE during short yardage situations for some added muscle in the mix.

That does it for my look at the offensive skill positions. In summation, the Buckeyes are young, inexperienced, but very talented on offense.

I will try to have a post up before the end of the week on the DBs.