tBBC All-Time Tourney CHAMPIONS – 1960

When Joe Dexter and I began this journey, we had more than a few conversations about how well the Jerry Lucas led Buckeyes would fare against “modern” teams. I have to admit that I too believed that the team from 2007 would provide a tough match-up for them and quite possibly could beat them on […]

tBBC All-Time Tourney Semi Finals: #2 2007 vs. #3 1992

To the victor go the spoils, and in this case, the winner of this mythical match up gets to face the Jerry Lucas led squad of 1960. When you look at the success of teams in Ohio State history we have covered every one of them in depth in this tournament. We have yet to […]

tBBC All-Time Tourney Semi #1 1960 Versus #5 2011

Gone is the month of March and all the greatness on the hardwood we look forward to all year long. As basketball fans, we strive for one more shining moment. We wait anxiously as football takes center stage until old man winter strikes again. Here at tBBC, we are reliving March Madness this morning as […]

CONGRATULATIONS 1960! and Semi's Preview

Congratulations goes out to the 1960 National Champs as they move on in the BBC All-Time Tourney having defeated the 1987 squad. The Lucas and Havlicek led squad had little resistance from the Hopson team of the late 80’s and as expected will move on to face the #5 seed All-Ohio squad from 2011.

All-Time Tourney #1 1960 vs. #8 1987

  The 1960 National Champions are a one of a kind team. They are the only team in Ohio State history to win a national title and then played for two more. They possessed three players that would become All-Americans and first round draft picks to the NBA. All five starters played in the NBA […]


Congratulations goes out to the 1992 Buckeye squad led by Jim Jackson and Lawrence Funderburke! They took on and beat a game 1999 squad led by Michael Redd and Scoonie Penn by a large margin and receiving the most votes of any team so far!!! The #3 seed in tBBC All-Time Tourney moves on to […]

tBBC All-TIME Tourney #3 1992 versus #6 1999

  One team (1992) could go down as one of the best to ever play at THE Ohio State University and the other (1999) can never be honored for their accomplishments because of NCAA violations committed by their head coach. That in itself doesn’t change the fact that the Michael Redd and Scoonie Penn led […]

tBBC All-Time Tourney #2 2007 vs. #7 2010

Joe D and WVaBuckeye bring you another round of the tBBC All-Time Tourney! Today pits Evan Turner and the 2010 Buckeyes versus the Diaper Dandy 2007 squad featuring Greg Oden and Mike Conley. Enjoy!  As the seeding’s were finished and Joe and I prepared to do our match up research, this game became the most […]


The all time best cinderella team couldn’t take down the late entered darkhorse of the tourney. Congratulations goes out to the All-Ohio squad from 2011 as they move on in tBBC All Time Tourney!!! With the slight upset, the 2011 Buckeyes move on to face the winner of game 5 between 1987 and the only […]

tBBC All-Time Tourney: # 4 1968 vs. #5 2011

The tBBC All-Time Tourney is back with another barn-burner as the number 4 seeded improbable 1968 Buckeyes take on the unforgettable 2011 squad.  JoeD and WVaBuckeye break down today’s match-up. Ohio State’s true Cinderella — the 1967-68 Buckeyes got second life at the very end of the season thanks to some help from our friends up north. In […]


The Dennis Hopson led 1987 Buckeyes won in a close match up against the Clark Kellogg led 1982 team 43 votes to 38 votes. They will move on to face the #1 seed 1960 National Champions in game five of our series. Thank you to everyone for participating and for voting in our first game […]

tBBC All-Time Tourney: 1987 vs 1982 Play In Game

The one thing that the 1982 and 1987 teams have in common is that they both had superstars of their time in NCAA basketball. Both Dennis Hopson (86&87) and Clark Kellogg (1982) led there teams as Captains and in several other ways. Hops would finish his last year at tOSU with the second highest average […]

tBBC – All Time Tourney Update

  A very good friend of mine who has been a sports writer for many many years told me that the mark of a good writer is to know when to retract or change. When you have a great idea to stick with it. You will never please everybody, but when the fans are right, […]

Ohio State All Time Basketball Tournament

I began a journey to do a comparison of the two greatest teams in Ohio State Basketball history. At first glance it seemed a simple task to pick two teams and write a nice article about who was better at a given skill. The more I read about teams in Buckeye lore, the more I […]