TBBC Roundtable: Pre-Season Expectations for Buckeye Football

As you all may already know, we love roundtables around these parts and have become pretty good at them. Hopefully, we will have one just about every Friday as the practices and season hit to keep you updated on our pulse as a crew. Let’s get rolling with our pre-season expectations! What is the one […]


TBBC Roundtable: What Does Independence Day Mean To Me

TBBC wants to wish everyone a very Happy Independence Day and hope it’s the most enjoyable day possible. We like roundtables around these parts and sometimes like to express our own feelings, shocking I know, but we have a great love for our country and the freedoms we have because of the brave who have […]


tBBC Season Review Roundtable

Hello everyone and welcome as I, with the help of my fellow writers here at Buckeye Battle Cry, answer some tough questions about this season of Ohio State Buckeyes football. (As an additional walk down memory lane, here is Michael’s first guest post regarding cheering, or nor cheering, for TTUN: Ken) Coming into the season […]


tBBC Roundtable: Football and Basketball Roundup

I am definitely feeling it now, trying to get a good feel for things and cleaning up! I asked the gang to give me some thoughts, in round-table form, about football and basketball items. In the football and basketball recruiting world, who were the two “gets” that you felt the Buckeyes had to have for […]


tBBC Roundtable: Braxton Out, Now What?

We at tBBC had a flurry on internal emails regarding The Braxton Miller Injury early in the week. What it could mean for this season, what it could mean for next season, that sort of thing. I thought the opinions were pretty solid and well thought out, so we want to share them with you. […]

tBBC Roundtable: Preseason Edition

As great as our podcast opportunities have been, we here at the Buckeye Battlecry are to the point where we’re really REALLY ready to talk some football (instead of rumor an innuendo and so forth). So, we’ve been tossing around a couple of questions that we find interesting, and wanted to let you in on […]

Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable: Media Frenzy

Fourth installment of our Q&A regarding the recent happenings in Columbus- today’s question was also put to our team before all of the events of this week, and should be viewed as such: Question- Why do you think this story has gotten more media coverage and “energy” than the ones at Auburn, Oregon, or earlier […]

Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable: Sports Illustrated Reactions

Part two of our week long attempt to reach catharsis. Today’s topic: After reading the Sports Illustrated article, what did you think? Is there a larger problem at Ohio State? Jim- I thought that I had just read over two pages of fluff with about two paragraphs of actual new information that was worth digesting. […]

Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable- One Week Later

Last week, when the floor fell out from under Buckeye Nation your humble correspondents were left looking for answers just like the rest of you.  Via email and text message and phone calls, we discussed the events of the day and speculated  “where do we go from here?” As the day progressed, we decided to […]