Mother of a TBDBITL Alumnus Speaks

We continue to get amazing letters and emails regarding the termination of Jon Waters and our coverage of it. One of the questions that has been asked elsewhere during this controversy is whether you would want your son or daughter to be part of the OSU band now. We share a letter from the mother […]

Practice Makes Silver Bullet Points

Little switcheroo this week; with camp in full swing as of yesterday, here’s some notes and so forth from the start of Ohio State’s 125th Season.  Inspired by Scott’s wise-acreage in our group chat this week, you’re stuck with this as your morning soundtrack. The Band Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes- The University announced on Monday that the OSUMB […]

TBDBITL: "Donk" Responds To The University

As with the other letters from TBDBITL members that we’ve posted, we have at this time removed the ability to comment on this piece, although you can send thoughts to us via email. Ed. Note- In 2012, I was privileged to share The Game with my wife and brothers… no easy feat for a California […]

TBDBITL Update: New Revelations Into the Firing of Jon Waters

It has been a week since Ohio State fired marching band director Jonathan Waters and the story continues to dominate the headlines while the controversy surrounding it grows.  One of the questions that has been asked a lot over the last week has been “what was the complaint that prompted this investigation?” Yesterday we got […]

O'Captain, My Captain: A TBDBITL Alumni Account

We continue to get amazing letters and emails regarding the termination of Jon Waters and our coverage of it.  On Friday, we’ll be running several more of your remarks, but thought that this account should be read on its own, particularly given the news of the day.As with the other letters from TBDBITL members that […]

TBDBITL Alumni Club Reacts To The Firing Of Jon Waters

As you know by now, a firestorm has been created, in all regards, by the firing of TBDBITL Director Jonathan Waters. Previous accounts of this event are here, here, here and here. The latest group to react to Mr. Waters firing is the TBDBITL Alumni Club. COLUMBUS (Dawn Faugl) — Wednesday night, the Board of […]

Wednesday Night Rumble: Who's Ready For Football?

Ladies and gentleman, it is one month away. We are one short month away from August 30, 2014 and the football season opener in Baltimore against Navy. Are you starting to get that weird feeling in your stomach? Are you starting to get that “Christmas morning” excitement adding a little pep to your step? Me […]

Silver Bullet Points Are Firing On All Cylinders

Well hello there! I take off for a week into the wilderness and come back to find that a) Dexter went Lizard King on me and b) Charles broke the site with his excellent coverage of the Waters situation (more later). It’s good to be needed, ya heard? Seriously, thanks for your patience as we’ve […]

More Former TBDBITL Members Speak

After yesterday’s publication of the thoughts of one of the female marching band alumnus whose rookie nickame was listed in OSU’s report into the culture of the marching band and termination of Jon Waters, two more female marching band alumni have come forward and shared with us their thoughts on this situation.As was the case […]

A Former Band Member Named In The TBDBITL Investigation Report Speaks

As part of its report into the culture of the marching band and termination of Jon Waters, Ohio State published a list of some of the sexually explicit nicknames given to rookie members of the band.  One of the women whose rookie name was mentioned in that report offered to share her thoughts on the […]

Should Ohio State Have Fired TBDBITL Director Jonathan Waters?

By now you have probably heard about Ohio State University Marching Band director Jonathan Waters being fired for allowing a ‘sexualized’ culture to exist within the marching band. Over the last two years the band has received a tremendous amount of media attention for their phenomenal shows and partially as a result of that fame, […]

Happy 4th of July from tBBC

On behalf of the entire tBBC family, I would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.  This is my third straight 4th that I have spent outside of the United States and my views on the holiday have definitely changed over that time.  Growing up I always enjoyed the 4th, it was a […]

TBDBITL Report: Summer Sessions, More Media Attention, and a New App

Summer is normally a slow time for Ohio State sports outside of recruiting. All of the spring sports are done and none of the fall sports have started practice yet, meaning that outside of recruiting there is little in the way of news. That isn’t true for all things connected to OSU athletics though as […]

No Place Like Silver Bullet Points

Welp, there’s only so much Midwest my family can handle.  Wait… that’s not right. There’s only so much of my family that the Midwest can handle. That’s more accurate.  Since I’m flying back to LaLa land as we speak, here’s some traveling music for your morning interlude. Buckeye 411 We’ve Got A New Shiny Hoopster! […]

TBDBITL Report: A Farewell to Doc Moore

The past couple years have seen numerous pieces of good news for the Ohio State Marching Band as the band has received unprecedented amounts of attention, acclaim, and university support. Last week brought sad news for everyone connected to TBDBITL as Dr. James Moore, known to most as Doc, passed away at age 80. For […]