Making the List: Woody’s Last Great Linebacker

Back to Football. The last couple of weeks we journeyed off in announcing two legendary Basketball icons to Making The List. Both completely deserving – both teachers – both the faces of the greatness that would come to Buckeyes Basketball. Of course I speak of Fred Taylor and Phyllis Bailey. It was appropriate to take […]


College Football Hall of Fame: Ohio State Has Four Nominees

Well, according to the Ohio State SID, there are four Buckeyes on the ballot for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. The nominees and my remembrances of them, below: Keith Byars: I thought he was an unusual looking running back; top-heavy body with tiny feet… But, oh my god, could he play! Keith was […]

Looking at the Linebackers: Week 4

And now it is time for the much anticipated return of my look at the various position groups this season. [crowd cheers loudly] Thank you. I wasn’t sure which group I should go back and look at first, or when I should go back and re-evaluate each position, but I figure after three games we […]

Matt Wilhelm – "None shall pass"

When compiling a list of the best linebackers ever to play at Ohio State, the list is long. Spielman, Cousineau, Hawk, Laurinaitis, Gradishar, Pepper Johnson, etc etc etc. While he rarely shows up on the list of all-time best LB, Matt Wilhelm is one of my favorites. And on his next-to-last play of his career, […]

Randy Graishar starts the countdown

There’s 53 days until Ohio State Football starts again! Let’s get excited and start the countdown with one of our heroes, Randy Gradishar. Gradishar was one of those players that you’ve always heard about in fabled stories of the great Ohio state teams. I was too young to recall seeing him play, but my father […]