Tresselball 2.0

It is said that a football team takes on the personality of its head coach. With that in mind, it is easy to see the similarities between Coach Tressel and his Ohio State squads over the past decade. The Buckeyes went about their business with a quiet calm that almost overshadowed the intense drive that […]

Video Evidence: IlliBuck

It wasn’t pretty, but the big wooden turtle comes back to Columbus: Thanks again to Cole for taking the game’s pressure and turning it into a diamond.

Thoughts on ugly wins; better than thoughts on beautiful losses

What is there to say about the game on Saturday? Immediately after the game, I sent a text message to some of my friends which read: ‘thank God, there was nothing good about that game, nothing, move on and thank God we won.’ That was going to be my summation of the game for the […]

The Week That Were: 10.02.10

From the “He started it!” files- This week, we join our friends at 11W in celebrating Oktoberfest and all it’s splendor. So, break out the lederhosen, get your sauerkraut all warmed up, and find grandma’s recipe for schnitzel… This weekend looked to be the best thus far in terms of quality matchups, but only a […]