The Week That Were: 9.7.13

Given the rain delay in the BYU /UT game this week and the deluge of rushing that befell the Longhorns after kickoff, there’s only one option for this week’s soundtrack. See, this is why there should be no polls before the first weekend in October. Once again, we see a number of teams that got […]

We're number TWO!?

As a new college football season approaches, most fans are full of anticipation of what the 2013 season will hold for their beloved team. Fans are full of anticipation, eager for August 31st to get here so we can put shoe to leather. One of the rights of passage for college football fans is the […]

Bowl Crap

As promised (or threatened. Whatever.), today we start the three part exploration of the “National Championship” process, including a look at the money trail on the current system, and a discussion about the relevancy for the whole thing. Much of this is from my work on an earlier site; I’ve updated it as best as […]

Ohio State at #6 in preseason Coaches Poll

Just out this morning, the USA Today Coaches Poll.  And as the headline reads, Ohio State is placed at #6. Rank Team (first-place votes) 2008 record Points Final 2008 rank 1. Florida (53) 13-1 1,466 1 2. Texas (4) 12-1 1,386 3 3. Oklahoma (1) 12-2 1,358 5 4. Southern California (1) 12-1 1,321 2 […]