The Week That Were: 11.22.14

Lotta options for our soundtrack today, so we’ll give you a number of choices to enjoy during your Monday at work. If Urban was in charge, though, it’d sound like this. In a week filled with craptastic games in the SEC, the story of the week was special moments in the special teams. It’s the […]

Picks for the Weak – Week 3

In an effort to clean up my act in regards to the weekly weak picks, I am going with games this week that will assure me success (yeah right) As it stands, I am a paltry 3 and 7 on the season having gone 1 and 4 this week. Here are the results of last […]

Compare and Contrast Update: NCAA Allegations

This article has gone through two separate iterations in its lifetime already. This most recent version finalizes the condition of Ohio State by analyzing their final Public Infractions Reports, and looking at the final penalties handed down by the NCAA. I also add one more school, Michigan, as yet another example of the NCAA’s methods […]

tBBC Rewind – Compare and Contrast: NCAA Allegations

For my contribution to the 5th birthday of our humble blog, I reach into the not-so-distant past to grab one of my favorite works. It was absolutely a labor of love, and a lot of fans from many different parts of the college football landscape seemed to love it too. This one was so wildly […]

Compare and contrast – NCAA Allegations

UPDATE- We’ve incorporated all of the allegations into a table for those who prefer getting their information that way. Check it out here, or under the Media Table at the top right of the site. UPDATE 2- Georgia Tech’s case has been added to the article for completeness. (You need to click “read more” before […]

Silver Bullet Points- Reloaded

Like the annual haircut (whether needed or not), a new “look” makes a world of difference, no? Since all of the cool kids were getting new school clothes, we thought in only appropriate to join in on the blog couture arms race. Big thanks to Chad of Digital:Construct, an OSU alum who was great to […]

The Week That Were- 9.11.10

Once again, it’s time for a quick tour de farce around the week in college football. You know, in case you don’t have ESPN and this is the only website you read (as it should be). Today’s musical accompaniment: This amazing cover. Good luck getting it out of your head during the TPS meeting. James […]

The Buzz- LA reacts to USC Sanctions

Third post in our coverage of Southern Cal’s wonderful snuggle fiesta with the NCAA. Here’s your music: It’s been an interesting week here in Los Angeles, out on the far edge of the ocean. The Dodgers are doing well, Kobe and Friends are having fun at Bill Simmons’ expense, we’ve got earthquakes weekly, and we’re […]

Lessons Learned- USC Sanctions Edition

This is a follow up of the USC Sanctions reflections from yesterday. Onward… and sticking with our theme: Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the lessons learned in Heritage Hall– we won’t know what, if any, changes will occur within the administration of Southern Cal’s athletic program for months. To be honest, based on […]

USC Sanctions: Getting Specific

We got so many positive comments about the last soundtrack, let’s do it again: For the sake of analogies, Benny is NCAA and everyone else is either Southern Cal or their fanbase. If you haven’t already read the NCAA’s report, you should at least take the time to read through the summary. If that’s too […]

Quick note from LA

Later this week, I’ll be blessing your intertubes and ebays with my preview of the Emerald Bowl between Boston College and USC. However, I would be remiss in my responsibilities as West Coast correspondent for the BBC and my reputation as “that guy” if I didn’t point out the following: The Trojans are also struggling […]

The Week That Were: 9.26.09

Finishing what Jeff started, as we do every week. Here’s this week’s soundtrack/music to piss off the people in the cubicle next to you. Every season, there’s one or two weeks that just screw up everything. From the Vegas lines, to the “pundit’s choices”, to alumni plans for Bowl Game Tailgating, and even the coaching […]

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Illinois edition

Jeff at The BBC Pryor to continue improvement – He showed drastic improvement from the USC game to the Toledo game, and that pattern needs to continue.  I only saw four plays last week that I said “what are you THINKING”….cut that to two, and I’m happy. Two-parter – Subtitled “Fix the reasons we lost […]

The Week That Were: 9.19.09

previously on TWTW… Here’s the soundtrack for today’s journey in the past. And no, unlike some people, it’s not really Journey. Arrr, yesterday’s games fell on the national holiday o’ “Talk Like a Pirate Day“. Should we be surprised, then, that the upset o’ the day happened at a place whar people show up in […]

Final thoughts from LA- Point/Counterpoint

So, I’m finally ready to talk about it (I think). There were great things that happened on Saturday, but each came with a “shadow“. The stuff that drove me crazy as it was happening has, on second reflection, given me hope for the rest of this season. So- here are both sides of my thoughts […]

Friday Finale… California Dreamin'

As game day approaches, it’s more of the same in the LA media. Those people who are talking about the Ohio State/U$C game continue to point to the fact that this is a “must win” for the Buckeyes, and for the Big T1e1n as a whole. They even point to the practices of the Buckeyes  […]

Beating USC….means Ohio State is 9-0???

Yes, you read that right.  The Ohio State Buckeyes are currently 1-0, having knocked off Navy last weekend.  It’s my contention that if Ohio State wins their second game of the year, they’re as good as 9-0. With all the rabid discussion about the Ohio State-USC game, it appears as if nobody has taken a […]

Thursday in SoCal- Strength meets strength

When I was younger, Knight Rider preoccupied my time (don’t you judge me). Particularly, there was an episode where KITT was battling him/her/itself: a doppelganger, an identical replica in every way, including being equally indestructible. This amazing piece of cinematography climaxed with a game of “chicken” as the two cars stared each other down at […]

5 reasons Ohio State will beat USC

#5 USC’s new defense. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this amidst the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair in the aftermath of the Navy game, but USC only has three returning starters on defense this year. This isn’t the same defense that throttled the Buckeyes last year. I am not saying that […]

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? – USC edition

Eric Keep passing to the TE’s and RB’s –  We had great success in the passing game last week by going to the TE’s and RB’s – in fact the top two receivers were at TE/RB.  USC will be a lot better in pass defense than Navy was, and we will need to spread it […]