The Week That Were- 9.11.10

Once again, it’s time for a quick tour de farce around the week in college football. You know, in case you don’t have ESPN and this is the only website you read (as it should be). Today’s musical accompaniment: This amazing cover. Good luck getting it out of your head during the TPS meeting. James […]

The Week That Were- Opening Weekend 2010!

Late Sunday/early Monday during the season (what can I say- west coast timezone), tBBC will be bringing you reflections on that week’s game. And, since it’s always great to have mood music to read to, let’s start with this clip from Pitchfork’s top ten videos from the ’90’s All is right with the world- football […]

The Week That Were: 12.05.09

We’ve officially reached the final TWTW of the year; I’m not covering the Army/Navy game, as important as it is and as much debt we owe to our servicemen and women. Continuing with our holiday theme, today’s soundtrack has two phenomenal options- Christmas and Chanukah So, there were four conference championships this past weekend, and […]

The Week That Were: 11.28.09

Last TWTW of the season before we start talking about conference championships and the like. Since we’re all recovering from tryptophan overdose and 4 AM shopping trips, you’ve got two choices for the sound track for this edition. With a bang and a whimper, the college football season drifts away like so many autumn leaves […]

The Week That Were: 11.21.09

Here’s the music that will go with your weekly recap like a tasty Diet Coke goes with a strawberry doughnut. As we enter the last weeks of the college regular season (who’s excited about the season getting irregular? Anyone?), a lot of people are complaining about how “boring” the season is. Florida and Alabama are […]

The Week That Were: 11.14.09

The only weekly update guaranteed to not use the “M” word. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get this song out of my head while working on this. Probably because it’s about “relations” with an unattractive woman that you can’t get enough of (like, you know, a certain Ann from up north). Either that, or because […]

The Week That Were: 11.7.09

Following up to the great recap that Jeff posted on Saturday, here’s your weekly update. Oh, and good luck getting this song out of your head today. As you may have heard; U$C’s “letdown jinx” is contagious, and was passed to the Oregon Ducks. Who would have guessed that, after such a historic beating of […]

The Week That Were: 10.31.09

Here’s your weekly wrapup, guaranteed to not give you cavities. It was just one of those weeks in college football… must have been the haints and boogers out in full force, because some interesting doings were afoot. For instance, the three “marquee games” didn’t live up to the hype; resulting in three blowouts. T. Boone […]

The Week That Were: 10.24.09

Better than College Gameday, with only half the senility… In what appeared to be another week of potential upsets, only two top teams went down while the rest coasted through the middle point of their season. We started off by watching UTEP squeak by the same Tulsa team that scared Boise State the week before. […]

The Week That Were: 10.17.09

After a hiatus, we’re back… It wouldn’t be Monday if we didn’t find a way to enter your life, right? It was one of those weeks in college football- the “times that try men’s souls“, as it were. More than a few top squads found themselves in dogfights (too soon?) with opponents that, on paper, […]

The Week That Were: 10.3.09

Yup, it’s the wrap up for people who don’t have ESPN but somehow have the internet. This week’s “From things you can’t unsee” department- This thing right here. We start our review with the end of an era. Yup, it happened- Mich1gAAn played a team with a defensive pulse and lost. Although, the MAChigan State […]

The Week That Were: 9.26.09

Finishing what Jeff started, as we do every week. Here’s this week’s soundtrack/music to piss off the people in the cubicle next to you. Every season, there’s one or two weeks that just screw up everything. From the Vegas lines, to the “pundit’s choices”, to alumni plans for Bowl Game Tailgating, and even the coaching […]

The Week That Were: 9.19.09

previously on TWTW… Here’s the soundtrack for today’s journey in the past. And no, unlike some people, it’s not really Journey. Arrr, yesterday’s games fell on the national holiday o’ “Talk Like a Pirate Day“. Should we be surprised, then, that the upset o’ the day happened at a place whar people show up in […]

The Week That Were: 9.12.09

Previously, on TWTW… And now, something to read while you ponder the injustice of Beyonce losing to Taylor Swift. What started out as a drab week for college football ended up setting the bar high for the rest of the season. Sure, there were the blow outs (Seriously, Florida? Charleston Southern and then Troy?), but […]

The Week That Were: 9.5.09

Jeff asked me to do a “wrap up of the week’s games”. So, you can blame him for this: “May you live in interesting times” – Purported Chinese Curse The problem with the first week of the season is that it’s hard to gauge how good your team is, given that most of the games […]