tBBC Liveblog: The Game Men, this is war! I don’t care anything about the national championship or the Big Ten championship, but if we win this game today and afterward, if the Good Lord says, ‘Woody, it’s your time’, I’ll say, ‘Lord, I’m ready!’. I’ll have to take it easy up there–or down there–but I know where I’ll […]

tBBC Legends: The Worst Buckeye

We hope you enjoyed a very inspirational <a title="Jesse Owens Best Buckeye Ever” href=”” target=”_blank”>Best Buckeye Ever last weekend in Jesse Owens. And as unanimous as a choice as he was from our staff, and I was honestly surprised by the many choices for Worst Buckeye Ever. In my lifetime, it has hands down been […]

tBBC Legends: The Best Buckeye

Some articles are no-brainers and most of the time they definitely write themselves. What more can be said about The Buckeye Bullet that hasn’t already been written? For sure my opinion, but everything else has been covered here This is the first in a two part series (or maybe more because of cohorts responses?) that […]

Silver Bullet Points Gets Grilled

Well, the first holiday weekend of the summer is soon upon us. Memorial Day reminds us of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and also that there are still people who savor their Constitutional right to be wrong. Words matter, people.  At any rate, today’s tune is just a little something appropriately mournful and full […]

St. Woody's Day Brings Rememberance And Hope

Updated post: In case you’d forgotten, today is the birthday of Wayne Woodrow Hayes. He would have been 101 years old. Born in Clifton Ohio, Woody followed a stint in the US Navy by coaching at Denison (his alma mater) and Miami University before transforming Ohio State football as we currently know it. Woody led […]

tBBC Preview: Orange Bowl – Ohio State vs Clemson

  Ohio State (12-1, 8-1, B1G) vs Clemson (10-2, 8-1, ACC)  January 3rd, 2014: 8:30 PM EST ESPN Well, well, the Buckeyes get to head south for their bowl game rather than west.  Oh well, it wasn’t our first preference, but let’s go Orange Bowling. The bowl game that we know as the Orange Bowl […]

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 8

In today’s edition, we celebrate number 8, the Ohio State’s margin of victory over Penn State on September 20th, 1975, 17- 9. This game in Columbus, was the 1st between Woody Hayes and Joe Paterno. As you’d imagine, this was a defense-dominant game. The Buckeye took an early 7-0 lead, then alternated FG’s with Penn […]

tBBC HOF: Earle Bruce

In today’s profile OSU College Football Hall of Famers, we’ll take a look at Earle Bruce, Hall of Fame Class of 2002. Bruce had the unenviable task of following Woody Hayes as Ohio State’s head football coach. Someone had to do it, I guess.   Pre-Ohio State Coaching Bruce earned his coaching spurs at four […]

tBBC OSU HOF: Woody Hayes

As I did with Hopalong Cassady, I have struggled to come up with any more that I can say about Woody Hayes. There’s plenty on the internet to look up, but most of you may have not seen the older three part series done about him. Pretty powerful stuff. Part 1 Woody Tribute Part 2 […]

tBBC HOF: Aurelius Thomas

In today’s profile OSU College Football Hall of Famers, we’ll take a look at Aurealius Thomas, Hall of Fame Class of 1989. Pre-Ohio State Aurealius was a local (Columbus, OH) lad, who played for Mack Pemberton at Columbus West High School. Aurealius “Reedy” Thomas was an outstanding football player at West and fortunately decided that […]

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 61

Since I’m visiting family in Oregon this week (more Wednesday), it only makes sense that our 61 is the total score of the 1974 OSU battle, where THE Ohio State University overwhelmed the Oregon State University 51-10. The Buckeyes were led, of course, by the eventual Heisman Trophy winner- Archie Griffin. Over 86 thousand packed […]

tBBC OSU HOF: Vic Janowicz

Pre Ohio State Janowicz was born and raised in Elyria, OH and graduated from Elyria High School. Ohio State Janowicz played at Ohio State from 1948-1951. As a tailback in the single wing formation, the offense truly ran through Vic Janowicz. So much so, that in 1950 as a junior, Janowicz was awarded the Heisman […]

tBBC OSU Football HOF: John Wilce

In today’s edition of Ohio State College Football Hall of Famers, we’ll take a look at John Wilce, inducted into the HOF as a coach for Ohio State. Pre-Ohio State Wilce was born in Rochester, NY (you knew that upstate NY would get a mention, didn’t you?) and was a multi-sport letterman at the University […]

Silver Bullet Points Comes Out Of Its Shell

No, it’s not time for the IlliBuck trophy again… Tuesday’s “news” was full of terrapin conversation, so we go where it leads. As such, here’s this morning’s soundtrack… I’m sure my folks will recognize it. Buckeye 411 Urban Legend- The world was a twitter yesterday with news that Urban Meyer had revealed that Woody Hayes […]

Lost And Found: A Memory Of The Game

If you’re an Ohio State fan, you get it. You understand that the end of season match against That Team Up North is the measuring stick by which the program is defined. You know that going out for groceries in many towns in Ohio during The Game is an exercise in futility; a lot of […]