Football Diaries: Bradley Roby

The folks at Yahoo! Sports have a created a look at some of the top prospects as they prepare for the NFL draft, and were kind enough to share this look at Buckeye cornerback Bradley Roby: You can check out this and other great coverage at Yahoo!’s “The Postgame“.

And The Winner Is…

With Florida State’s last minute victory in Pasadena last night, the BCS era comes to an end. Congratulations to the Seminoles on their victory; thanks too for ensuring that the SECSECSEC went winless in the last year of the BCS. Now that the Bowls have concluded for 2013-14, we also need to congratulate the winner(s) […]

Announcing: tBBC Bowl Challenge

Quick update on tBBC’s Championship Chase, our yearly contest for all of our Buckeye Yahoo!s… Of the over 50 folks who signed up to play, Toasted Bucknut ended the season on top with 252 points! Drop us a note here at the mothership, and we’ll get you hooked up for your prize package and so […]

tBBC College Pick-em Challenge

With single digit days left until kickoff, it’s time to start getting your game day ritual ready. Do you know where your lucky T-shirt is? What about the “magic underwear”? Is there a beverage that you HAVE to have on hand in order to ensure victory? Better restock, just to be sure. Are all of […]

tBBC Challenge: College Football Pick-em

Don’t forget to get your entry in!! So you think you’re smarter than the guys on Gameday, and your Saturdays are spent screaming at the radio during Division 3 matchups. There’s a cornhole set in every room of your house; your wardrobe will change significantly once you see what Luke Fickell is wearing on the […]

Hurricane Damaged: Yahoo! Sports' Investigation Into The University Of Miami

ESPN: So is there another team, another organization, another sport that should be nervous right now because you’re working on something comparable? Robinson: Yeah [laughs], we’ve still got a couple more coming.[several moments of back-and-forth banter] Robinson: I’ve got probably a six to a seven, maybe an eight depending on where you live coming in […]